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nerfing the game into the ground

Giving durability damage to gankers is hardly "nerfing the game into the ground", but I guess I should have expected someone to trot out this tired meme.

If it's not a big change, then let's just not make it then.

If it hardly matters, then it hardly matters if it doesn't happen.

If it does matter enough to you to push for it though, then perhaps it matters enough for us to say "HECK NO" to it as well.
Don't expect too much support for that here.
Most people who post in these kind of threads are starting to look a lot like bots, I mean the responses are in most cases 1 of 3 possible:
- Pvp happened on a pvp server.
- Reroll on a pve server.
- World pvp is unfair, deal with it.
Keep in mind that there are plenty of gankers on PvE servers too. They know all the tricks of the trade to get players to unintentionally flag for PvP.

Funny how the "Pro-gank" side always forgets that fact when they make their arguments.
Just reintroduce dishonorable kills. When they were still in game, getting a DK would lower your honor points. Do the same now, but not only HP, but lower every PvP point and possibly ranks. That would be a huge deterrent to gank anyone lower than 8 levels than you.

One abuse that could stem from this would be a huge group of 80s taking on one 90 just to get them to get a ton of DKs. The answer is the system already knows who initiates combat, and has since the beginning, just incorporate that into the DKs.

If it's not a big change, then let's just not make it then.

If it hardly matters, then it hardly matters if it doesn't happen.

If it does matter enough to you to push for it though, then perhaps it matters enough for us to say "HECK NO" to it as well.

I've said none of those things. Why are you making this up? It is a big change, but it's not "nerfing the game into the ground". That's not a very reasoned argument against it. Nor is "HECK NO". If you want to participate in constructive discussion, how about explaining WHY durability damage would be bad. Or explaining why level 90s ganking level 20s is good for the game (if, in fact, you feel that way).

Perhaps you do not see it that way.

However to people who like pvp realms as they are, nerfing pvp realms because of carebear whines - IS nerfing the game into the ground.
MoP has made PVE servers so incredibly popular. I bet blizzard is laughing at all the cash that's falling from the sky with the server changes.

Makes my server more active. I'll give pvp servers about 5 months before the only pvp'ers on there are the gankers themselves. It'll be like a Battle Ground server with no community or economy.

Yeah minus the 70 millon they lost in subs last 1/4.
02/17/2013 02:19 PMPosted by Skrump
And there's no need for this kind of language to make your point.

There's no need for you to be insulting towards me either... but here we are.
02/17/2013 11:22 AMPosted by Aceharrdlife
After so many threads of people being ganked at low levels. well here a good solution. After being ganked for 7-10 times within 8 minutes. And death must be within 3 secs of the first damage hit (not cc traps, mind control fear ETC). The player should be given an option to turn their WPVP off for about 10-20 minutes.

Yeah is called roll on Maive because PVP ganking there doesn't exist because CRZ is broken there....there never is anyone on the questing areas.

Tip level on Night elf continents is even lower chance at seeing anyone out there. Leveling on the SW continent and you might see more people here and there. I got 44 rogue has been leveled by quest alone no dungeons.
Haven't seen a soul out there....
Seems to me the real problem is CRZ and not being able to get revenge for being ganked.
02/17/2013 01:52 PMPosted by Skrump
Tell me, what is good about driving new players away from the game?

Very explicitly telling them there's another server type that doesn't work like that. And there by not alienating all the players who like pvp servers as they are.
How about people quit wanting changes to the game for everyone and change it for themselfs
if they cant take being on a PvP realm?

I dont gank! never have, never will, as it is a waste of time to me.
But I play on a PvP realm because of the feeling of danger that PvE cant give me.
Theres no mob that can one shot me and leave me for dead that will hide and wait for me to show up. So if I want that sense of danger, it has to be from the chance that a player can
and will one shot me.

There are those of us who like the way PvP realms are. WE dont want it changed so people
that dislike PvP realms can be on them. Quit trying to change the game, and PvP realms,
for all of us, and change it for yourselfs by getting off PvP realms.
02/17/2013 02:30 PMPosted by Skrump
Do you think there should be any deterrent to ganking and why?

I do not think there should be any artificial deterrents, no - because I do not see ganking as a problem that needs fixing.

Do you think that ganking lowbies is good for the game and why?

I do think it is good for the game, overall. A lot of people like the risk and danger that it involves - the chance of being jumped/ganked/attacked/killed/etc. They don't like -actually- dying, who does? ... but the risk... ah... the risk. That's the payoff.

Those that don't? They have battlegrounds, arenas, and pve realms.

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