Assassin BG rogue

I just got super easily ganked in AV by a similar geared Assassin rogue, lots of opening damage when I was around 80 percent life? Does this mean that I should try to use assassin or sub in PvP or just due to my low end new to rogue skill that I am still working on?
Its most likely you being fairly new to Rogues, You shouldn't change spec's simply because someone else killed you with a different spec though. If you want to change spec's that's fine and all, but just because you died at the hands of the same class specced differently doesn't mean you yourself will fair any better as Assassain spec.

The best thing you can do is play whichever spec you're most comfortable playing and which ever one you enjoy the most. All three spec's can be viable in some form or another, its just a matter of learning your rotations and different abilitys. Master the spec that you most enjoy then worry about trying something else.
practice practice practice, roll a 2nd rogue for some practice

I played a couple of hours more and did well. I just want to decide cause I can get Malevolent Gladiator's Pummeler or other weapon next week. I am not getting many conquest outside of the daily 100 from BG's and 50 from more randoms.
Patch 5.2 will hit soon...Probably within the next couple of weeks or so, and Malevolent wep's and armor will be purchaseble with honor points and a new tier of conquest gear will be introduced when it does go live. If you can Malevolent weps before 5.2 hits more power to ya! But I wouldn't worry to much about it at this point with the next patch being so close.
The best thing about being a rogue is that you can play any spec in PvP and be decent. Personally, I find assassination a blast. But I agree with elfis, just because you died from an assassination rogue, doesn't mean you should go that spec because there are plenty of good rogues in all 3 specs in pvp. Pick a spec and master it! Good luck! :D

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