Resto weaps

Which weapon choice is better for a 10-man resto shaman?

Regail's Crackling Dagger (double-upgraded) and Eye of the Ancient Spirit

The 2/2 stats for the dagger are:
956 stam
551 int
413 mastery
330 crit
8518 spell power


Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker (double-upgraded + legendary gem, no prismatic socket)
Double-upgraded stats =
2231 stamina
1486 int
917 crit
1035 haste
8519 spell power
The haste would be reforged to spirit to give 414 spirit, as opposed to the dagger/shield's 765

Looks like the staff would give upwards of 600 int, and more crit... but less spirit and mastery
Dagger + gem + shield + off-hand enchant = 1397 int and 765 spirit

Staff + sha gem + extra socket = 2040 int

I value int as about twice as good as spirit, so I'd go with the staff for sure.
Staff imo because of the sha touched gem. If you get the mace off of H Emp then the decison becomes more difficult.
Sha Touched weapon gem slot is basically like "+7 ilvl boost" in awesomeness (see 496n-empress vs 503e-crackling threads...). The prismatic socket makes that a "8 ilvl awesomeness" boost.
Alright thanks for the responses. I'll definitely equip the staff tonight if I don't end up getting the mace from shek'zeer

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