[A] <Elysian> (16/16N, 2/12N) Tank/Heal

Elysian is a weekend raiding guild on Lightbringer that raids on the following days:

    - Fridays 8PM-12AM (Server Time/PST)
    - Saturdays 7PM-11PM (Server Time/PST)

We cleared 16/16 normal in 5.1 and are 2/12 this patch.

We are looking for a committed tank and healer to join our ranks, however others may contact me. The best candidate will have ample raiding experience (currently 2/12+ with i495+ is preferred) with a competitive play style and commitment to make 90% of our raids. We offer the normal guild amenities such as flasks, food, and access to enchanting and other raid-required items.

We are looking specifically for any of the following specs to fill our tank and healers roles.

Tank Role (DPS O/S is a plus):
- Protection Paladin
- Feral Tank Druid
- Blood Death Knight

Healing Role (DPS O/S is a plus):
- Restoration Shaman
- Mistweaver Monk

Any other exceptional players may speak with me.

Elysian is a fairly new guild in that its team was formed shortly after the start of the new year and has so far been able to clear all of normal without too much trouble. All of our members have had a rich history of heroic kills from a variety of servers. We are looking for a core set of adult members with a passion for raiding that may be limited by busy weekday schedules.

If this is something that interests you or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact me directly or through mail on Maginitis on Lightbringer.

About Lightbringer: Lightbringer is a heavily weighted alliance server (very few horde make an appearance here). Overall server progression and economy is above average on the Alliance side with constant activity in the major cities as well as outside of them. People are generally always setting up achievement runs and pugging (semi-successful) raids.
Updated recruitment for 5.2.

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