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Guild Recruitment
Constant Karma is a new guild that recently transferred to Hyjal. We are a close knit group of players that in general are relaxed, but during raid times we put our game faces on. Though the guild is new, the players are not. The core of the guild has been playing since vanilla. We are looking to progress as a guild in 5.2 until then we are in preparation mode, ensuring everyone is set and ready to tackle the new content when it comes live.

Current needs:
Discipline Priest
Hunter (Please know all specs)

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 5-9 PST
Thursday 5-9 PST
Sunday 5-9 PST

16/16 N
3/16 H

Or feel free to contact myself or an officer in game. (BattleTag: Tivon#1285)

Loot System:
Loot Council, Loot will go to the player that gets the largest upgrade out of the item, or if the next progression boss requires high dps/heal/tank gear gear will go towards those players to continue progression. Officers always take loot last.
We have filled our spot for WW/Rogue. We are still in need of a Disc/Hunter.

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