499 ilvl fury warrior 9/16 heroic

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a new guild. leave a battletag and or real id and ill get to you.
can make most raid times.
The <Ante Meridiem> AM Raid Team raids from 8:45am to noon, EST, Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays on Stormrage, Alliance. We're a 25man team that's been raiding since Vanilla, and we're looking for exceptional players as we begin our journey through the Mists. Our progression in Heroic Dragon Soul was 8/8hm, and our current progressionin Mogu'shan Vaults is 4/6; HoF HM 1/6.

If you'd like to check us out, you can find our website and application at amwow.net. Good luck in your guild search!
These change frequently, so PLEASE check back often...

High = Actively recruiting that class / spec
Medium = Actively recruiting, however, only looking for key individuals
Low = Not actively recruiting, but open to highly skilled / geared raiders
Closed = Not recruiting at all.

Closed - Paladin : Prot
Low - Druid : Feral
Low - Death Knight : Tank
Low - Monk : Brewmaster
Closed - Warrior : Prot

Medium - Paladin : Holy
Closed - Priest : Disc
Closed - Priest : Holy
High - Monk : Mistweaver
Medium - Shaman : Resto
High - Druid : Resto

High - Priest (DPS)
High - Mage
Medium - Warlock
High - Druid : Balance
High - Shaman : Elemental

High - Druid : Feral
Medium - Rogue
Medium- Warrior : DPS
High - Hunter
High - Paladin : Ret
High - Shaman : Enhancement
Medium - Death Knight : DPS
Medium - Monk : Windwalker

Guild Name: Summit
Raid Size: 25-man
Progression: 15/16H
Raid times: 7pm-11pm CST (8pm-midnight EST)

Message me your main's name and server please so I can look at your logs and let you know if you're the guy we're looking for. Also, feel free to ask me any questions you have.
<Euphonic> 13/16 Heroic 10 M add me to @ Kambei#1387
bumpety bump
Currently looking for AMAZING dps
4/6 Heroic MSV
6/6 Normal HoF
4/4 Normal ToEs (protector's on elite)

If you are looking for a guild with an older flavor and that has been around for over 6 years we may be the home you're looking for.
Aspire is a 25 man Horde raiding guild located on Stormreaver (US).

Raid Schedule:
Our raiding times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:30pm - Midnight server (CST).

-Website: http://aspireguild.guildomatic.com/
-ALL Raiders will need to fill out an application!

Applying to us means agreeing and adhering to our policies (which are whatever we say they are at the time) and having a deep and meaningful understanding of the following concepts:

- Humor
- Sarcasm
- Constructive Criticism
- Competitiveness
- Being able to speak English
- Be able to use Mumble with a working microphone

Please apply at http://aspireguild.guildomatic.com/

You can direct any questions to any officer (toodleloo) and finally the Guild Master Rockmonster

Thank you for taking the time to read over this recruitment post and for your consideration of Aspire as the place were you want to further your Internet dragon killing career

had 2 ranked dps parses usually stay in the 90% range. im a very good warrior = )
<Apex> is a 10m raiding guild, we're currently 10/16H and looking for geared and experienced raiders to push into 25m content for 5.2 patch. Our guild is founded by a few members that want to push content at a lighter pace, mostly ex-hardcore raiders that have been around since WoW launch. Pushing end game progression on only a few nights a week is our focus.

Raid Times
Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:00p to 11:30p server (EST)

-We will not add additional days or extra time, strict 3 days a week and 3.5 hours per night

Current Needs
-Ranged DPS [Mages/Lock/Boomkin/Hunter]
-Healers [H Pally/MW Monks/Resto Shaman]
-Melee [Fury Warrior/Frost DK/WW Monk]

Must be around 495+ ilvl and have current heroic experience.



If you are interested in joining a team with a laid back atmosphere yet want to actually kill hard modes then get in touch with us in game.
Would like to see some logs if you're able to show me. <removed> Mon-Thurs 9p-12a EST

11/16 Heroic, Monstrosity 50%

Edit: any logs I found only included normal modes, and the parses were generally in the 31st to 42nd percentile. There was one 95th percentile on a normal mode Feng in November.

Are current logs hidden? Name change?

Edit 2: 7th percentile Elegon, 35th Spirit Kings, 26th Garajal, 31st Feng, 60th Stoneguard, 9th Garalon, 34th Bladelord. Disregard this post Ras.

Next time just provide the raidbots so I don't have to waste my time. Also, don't lie about progression either. Nothing to be ashamed about 7/16 Heroic. Just because you've pulled two other fights doesn't mean you're actually 9/16 Heroic.

Should also Gquit before looking for another guild. People who ninja transfer on their guild are scum. Especially when the guild they are currently in has a simultaneous recruiting thread above this one. Jesus Christ, so much wrong with this post.

Age of Aggression is looking for a few fury warrior! AoA is a top 100 US 25man guild on Illidan, we have been raiding since 2007, and we are currently 13/16H. Raid times are Tues / Wed / Thurs 8pm PST - 12am PST.

Check out http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7592579966, visit www.aoa-guild.com for more info, or hit me up in-game.

Hello, Immortalis of Zul'Jin is currently in need of raiders that can attend regularly and are eager to push hard through new content. We are currently attempting to round out our roster for 5.2 so that we don't fall behind like we did this current tier. Due to attendance issues, we are 6/16H with a likelihood of being 7/16 by the end of this week. If you are interested, the usual spam is below:

[H, EST, PVE] 25 man raiding guild

Raid schedule: 25 Raiding: Monday - Thursday: 8PM (EST) - 11PM (EST)

Exceptional applications of any class are always considered


Current Progress in 25:
Mogushan Vaults
5/6 Heroic

Heart of Fear
1/6 Heroic

Terrace of Endless Spring
4/4 Normal

Immortalis has been around, and been a top server progression guild since closed Beta 2004.

We are looking for exceptional players, who are mature, dedicated, skilled, self-reliant, competitive, and good problem solvers. Specifically looking for those who can pick up a fight quickly, limit their mistakes and learn from their mistakes, have good raid awareness, and are able to multitask well.

We are actively clearing new hard mode content. Ideal applicants will have strong self motivation, class knowledge and have the desire to to push the limits their class has to offer. Applications are available on our website at www.immortalisguild.org.


If the above interests you, fill out an application or feel free to approach any of us in game or via our website to discuss further details. To apply, go to the link provided and follow the directions as listed. It is recommended that you write out your application in a word processor first, before pasting your answers into the site.


Battletag ID for questions:
looking for horde guilds only.
Please feel free to check out our website at http://inconbloodhoof.enjin.com.

My ID is Laylua#1800 if you would like to chat.
<Vex> of Gorefiend (H)

Vex of Gorefiend is a 25 man guild founded in TBC.
We are currently 16/16; 10/16 H. We were 7/7 H Firelands, & 8/8 H Dragon Soul.

We have a solid progression raid team made up of focused and dedicated individuals looking to add exceptional players to an already solid roster. We offer competitive raiding in a mature but relaxed environment.

Currently accepting applications from all classes & specs.

Guild Website:

Raid Times:
Tues., Wed., & Mon.
8-11:30pm EST

Real ID Contact Info
Miusterga: Battle Tag: Miu#1977
Eprodigy: Eprodigy#1672
Hey there, Reckless is in need of a some great dps.

25 man progression:
6/6H MV
6/6H HoF
2/4H TES

Our Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights
8:00 PM - 12AM EST
We will raid until 1AM some nights during progression.

All other info on our guild can be found below.
Battle tag: Narthul#1101

Apply at www.recklessonline.com
add my battletag Zeedrick#1286, would like to speak with you about Make It Happen 11/16H 10 man

Raiding Schedule:

8-11pm EST Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

T14 Progression: (Note: We did not start raiding till early December because hurricane sandy had wiped our raid team so in 2 months we went from normals to 9/16 heroic and are competing for server 1st achieves).

6/6 - Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
3/6 - Heroic Heart of Fear
0/4 - Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring

-Sufficient gear for the content.
-Hardmode experience
-Raid Logs
-willingness to push yourself
General Information:

<Destinatus> is a 25man Heroic progression guild on US-Eredar (Vindication/Chicago Datacenter). We raid from 8-11pm EST Monday-Thursday and expect everyone to show the kind of dedication necessary to remain competitive on a short schedule. A council consisting of officers manages the guild and distributes loot based on role, performance, recent attendance ect for the sole purpose of downing bosses. we have been raiding without pause for nearly 3 years, and we're happy to hear from anyone interested in continuing that tradition with us.

PVP we currently have many highwarlords and a pvp team that is ranked 2nd on our server but main focus is still raiding

Past Heroic Achievements:

-Heroic: Will of the Emperor - Pre nerf

dild0nian#1405 the 0 in dild0 is a zero

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