Holy or Prot...what is desired?

Hey everyone, first let me say that I love tanking and healing, I don't really care for dps as they are not fun for me.

I used tanking to power level this toon to 80 and now that I'm cata heading towards mop content I was wondering as far as raids go, which spec is more desired? Holy or prot, which will get me into more groups? I plan on switching to holy/ret or prot/ret, using ret to get through quests faster and the mains spec to do dungeons.

Thanks in advance for help
I don't know jack but I imagine that tanks would be more desired over healers.
Well, as I've leveled this toon I've noticed that I've had more insta ques as a healer, it fluctuates a lot. This has led me to assume that many people are rolling tanks for some reason, which means more will be up for dungeons and lfr, and since none of my other tanks belong to a dedicated raid guild (probably because I'm on a pvp server) so I don't know how real raiding plays out as far as tank and healer ratio.
Tanks are more needed in 5-mans, healers are more needed in LFR.

As for organized raiding, I dunno; it probably depends on the guild. As a paladin you have the option of speccing either (or both, if you don't mind doing dailies in a non-DPS spec) depending on what the guild needs, so you should probably wait until you find one and then ask them.
certain realms need healers/tanks more than others. might want to keep a eye on trade chat to see whats more in demand... just keep in mind raiding is allot different than 5mans (so while you may love healing/tanking in 5mans, you may not enjoy it in a raid atmosphere)

i will say that holy is pretty high on the charts and have been for awhile. gc has also stated that holy paladins are currently in a nice spot for pve, so dont expect much changes (if that helps at all)
My guild has a rotating door for the last healing spot, I see more spam in trade looking for healers for guilds, tanks seem to be more in demand for the pug spots.

I guess it would all depend on your server I suppose, both specs are in high demand in pve.
Desirability depends on what exactly you want to do. As Calonderiel said, tanks for 5mans and healers for LFR. If you want to run both specs, prot isn't a terrible way to do dailies. I just try to pull 10 mobs or so at a time. I can pick up prot gear offspec in raids though, so your mileage may vary.

If you want to raid 10s, tank/dps or heal/dps would probably be a good idea since the encounter designs vary. In 25 man raids I can get away with not having a dps spec since a lot of our other healers have them.
Well I healed and tanked LFR which I know isn't like real raiding, and it was on my Druid. The healing wasn't hard, it stressed me out a bit but I caught on quickly. I just want to increase my chances of getting into a good raid guild.

Also, I would like to try out alliance and get off of a pvp server, so if anyone knows of a good server with a good alliance player base I would be very happy.
If you've never seriously raided before (and want to), I would consider either healing or dpsing. Not many raid leaders will take a chance on tank with no raid experience, unless you're looking to get into an alt run or other "hey we're all learning our role" sort of environment.
I'm both Prot and Holy. Prot for Valor capping in 5mans and main tanking my guild's raids, and Holy for LFR instant queues for bosses I don't need Prot gear from.
I should have mentioned this up top, but I was going to use ret as a leveling spec, then I could go prot/holy
02/18/2013 02:46 PMPosted by Toriel
I should have mentioned this up top, but I was going to use ret as a leveling spec, then I could go prot/holy

I went RET from 1-85

Im currently PROT 85-90

If you want to tank and are not familiar with the Pally tank I highly suggest going the last 5 levels as a tank so you learn the rotations and mechanics. It is helping me.
I've heard a lot of complaints regarding Prot tanking recently (multiple mob aggro generation). That said, in raids you have 6 healer slots vs 2-3 tank slots, the math leans towards healers.

In groups, my queue times as a healer are almost always sub 5 mins (mostly sub 3).

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