LF a weekend raid guild sat-mon or AM day

LF a drama free adult raid guild that raids sat-mon or during the am tue-fri like 9am-12 or something of that nature. currently 6/6 msv 4/6 hof 3/4 toes on my blood dk also have a prot pally at 6/6 msv and a resto shammy will to raid on either toon. just looking for a stable team in prep for 5.2 , have mumble and vent installed any other questions pst me at stinkwrinkle#1819
Hello there, The Patriots might have a spot for you, we're 1/4 in ToES and 2/6 H MV(stopped trying to progress awhile ago,) we raid Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 - 11:15 P.M. You would start out as a backup raider but could be brought up to core in due time. Let me know if you're interested, any additional info you can find below.

DroganX#1360, TaloX#1501, WOLFIE#1354

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