What kind of gear goes with Enh/Rest shaman

Ok, i am fairly new to this game and i want to know what would be best and what would work together and such. I want to make an Enh/Rest shaman is the gear for them similar or is it different? just wondering.
It is completely different. Resto is a caster spec, moreover a healing spec, which means they focus on Intellect and Spirit mail. Enhancement is an agility melee spec, so they focus on mail gear with Agility, hit and expertise.

At low levels you'll use leather because you dont get to use mail until you hit lvl 40.
What sort of weapons would you use for resto and enhancement
Restoration: caster weapons such as a 1H weapon + OH/shield that has Int/Spirit, or even a staff if you dont get something better.

Enhancement: Agility 1h weapons that have a slow weapon speed (2.60 seconds or slower), such as maces or axes. NEVER use daggers.

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