Area 52
ERMHAGERD is a level 25 guild that has been on the server since the release of mists. We're a pretty small tight knit guild consisting of people who enjoy to play the game and to do so together. Will not tolerate any !@# hatery towards other members before you know them to a reasonable extent. We raid, run xmog, dungeons, and assist our members in leveling and gearing.

We have a 10m raid group where we aim to have as much fun as possible and seeing progression at a reasonable pace. No we won't be pushing for server firsts but we will be competitive. We are looking for more people who want a place to have fun and experience as much as you can with this game.

Needs for 10m:

Healers: LOW (Standbys/Casuals)

Melee: LOW (Standbys/Casuals)

Ranged: LOW (Standbys/Casuals)

Accepting all interested parties, we have interchangeable toons.

Minimum ilvl 485

We raid:
Mon/Thurs 830-1130 EST/ST
Tues 9-1130 EST/ST

Looking for raiders for throne of thunder! Also for anyone who wants to be part of a small close knit group of people to enjoy the game!

ERMAHGERD we have cake!
I want a priest to give people life with me!
Still looking for a decent disc priest, also looking for another healer with a dps OS!

need elesham/mage!
BUMPS, possible needs updated since we have people that can move to other slots if we find the right people!
Bump for good group of people!
Please add my battletag Blackwidow#1441 ... lets talk!
Arinarra due to me being on a brief vacation it might be difficult for me to get a hold of you in game, but if you whisper Ariis or Brandishur ingame they would be more than willing to talk to you, and I'll get in contact with them to let them know ahead of time. Thank you for your interest!
sure thing, I added both of them :)
^ more love to go arounddd
Need one heals, maybe even two!
Want moar frannds
wondering if i could get an updated list on what kind of healers are you looking for?

I might be interested 485ilvl Hpally. have raid exp as a Hpally just not as much on this one

Please contact me in-game via whisper or in-game mail

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