Looking for a Late Night Raiding Guild

Hi, im looking for a 12am CST server time raiding guild or any guilds based on the west coast time zone.
You might want to try a different server, I haven't seen a guild yet that starts a raid past 10pm CST on Illidan. I think Kil'Jaeden and Blackrock are PST-based, high-pop, and progressive servers (top 10 wowprogress).
We raid 10:30 to 2:30 fri/sat. If that's good enough for you let me know. Like Miztress said, I'm not sure there are many guilds that raid later.
Sup i am about to transfer to this realm with my two brothers and start up a late night raiding guild which will raid 12/1-4/5 am st thurs/mon/sat morning, the exact start time is not quite ironed out at this stage (since raids start on the new day). might possibly raid earlier on the sat if it suits to get in abit more raiding but will iron that out once we get sum more players. im currently raid leading a group on barthilas thats 15/16 but hard to find recruits for the times i raid if this is of interested give me a pst ingame = lazybear#1820 or just post on this and i'll get back to u with the detail at this stage intend to create the group as a second raid team inside of pandamonium

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