Pachy's thread of PvP & Friendship 14

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I got gold.

non-badge nerds.
I spent 1.5k gold regemming my gear for flag carrying. Not sure if I want to spend another 3.5k gold regemming it for arena cap and then regemming back to resil, if I just want to try and cap with RBGs only this week, or if I want to try running 2s or 3s stacking nothing at all but resilience. None seem like good options.

If you have added yourself to my list of rbg people, please let me know when you are not available so we can start making up rough times to play.

Also, if you have added yourself and you aren't on real id with me, bug me about it so we can get everyone together.


I can do almost any night, but non-school nights would be better as I can spend longer. I usually have tutoring from 3-5 p.m. PST, so I wouldn't really be able to start until about 6. I can run all day on weekends. Battletag is Molotov#1478, add me.

Edit: Oh FML. I spent two days downloading and installing my PTR, finally got it all installed, then it won't open when I click play. The launcher vanishes and nothing happens. Then, in my attempt to find the problem, I accidentally delete the contents of the PTR folder, and even when I restore it, only the Cache, Data, Interface, and enUS folders got restored, not the launcher or anything.
Anyone doing horde RBGs that can bring ol' Ticapriest along? I need 50 conquest to unlock and upgrade my t1 weapon. <3
If anyone wants to carry a baby spriest in some RBGs or Arenas I might be willing to send pics of my gf
Might start playing league again.

Garen my favorite champion of all time got a space marine skin, and he still hasn't had his buffs changed so it's gonna be baller.

Plays a Warrior and soon WW monk in WoW

Plays Garen in LoL

Jesus you just play whatever is OP as !@#$ dont you
02/19/2013 02:44 PMPosted by Shadesoldier

you're not fooling anyone.
Garen is OP?

Saric, would you like some top lessons?
02/19/2013 02:45 PMPosted by Goonhah
I only have an undergeared horde priest so I mean...

Well, your loss I guess.
Garen is OP?

Saric, would you like some top lessons?

I don't play much League but when I do, a fed Garen is always OP.
02/19/2013 02:47 PMPosted by Conslol

you're not fooling anyone.

You callin' me a liar?
A fed anything is OP.

even sona


Meet me on the pier one last time, we shall gaze into the sunset.

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