Returning dual-wield to Protection

For years I have farmed Black Temple in the hunt for warglaives, being that BC was my first hardcore expansion, they hold a sort of nostalgia. Now finally obtaining both warglaives and remembering all the fond memories from raiding during that expansion it has got me to thinking.

I play an arms warrior, I generally only PvP, but in doing so I have also developed at Protection spec for flag carrying during RBGs. I have no intentions on going back to PvE any time soon so I decided it's time to find a fix for warriors loosing dual wield in other specs than fury.

I will agree, arms does not need to dual wield, arms should always be the big slow precise smashing blows for a single 2h. Therefore, in my eyes ruling arms out of the race to regain dual wield. Why not protection, there was a time when dual wielding and spamming devastate as protection was viable dps, thus removing the ability from protection warriors.

There is a simple fix for that matter, give protection warriors a damage cut of 50% when not equipping a shield. Making it a non issue, dual wielding would not be viable in any way other then astetics.

No need to buff or change fury or arms, just adjust prot to have the abilities to dual wield again. I know I am one of millions of warriors, but I can't help but wonder if their are any other warriors out there with a couple of 1hs they want to display but they do not play fury.

Is there anyone else out there that has other solutions or ideas or just out right agrees with me? Could we see it make a return so I can stand proud in from out shrine with my warglaives, or a thunderfury in the future?
I see no reason why prot warriors should be able to duel wield, especially not just so it can equip outdated items from 5 years ago.
Something original and fun? Hell no.

Working as intended.
I agree with there is no need for protection warriors to dual wield, there really isn't. Other than to please those of us that don't play fury. I despise fury, ever since Titans grip I will not play it. I know I am being very singleminded and I'm sure if i tried it I might have fun with it. Protection seemed like the only logical and viable way to do it without people finding away to exploit the intention and using it in matters other then ascetics.
I'd rather have my CC back. How about my single target stun? My AE stun with decent cooldown? My Gag Order?

Instead, they gave everything Prot had to all other specs, nerfed them, and gave them nothing in return.
We are the swords and boards and shield barrier and block are what puts us ahead of the other shield carrying tanks. Probably got a better hope of getting dual tanking on a DK put in game before they ever make it an option for warriors.
02/20/2013 05:29 PMPosted by Dorial
I know I am being very singleminded and I'm sure if i tried it I might have fun with it.


SINGLEMINDED FURY!!! they have a spec for that.
You've used the word aesthetics twice now and spelled it incorrectly in two different ways, bravo
Duel Wield prot has crossed my mind in the past for about 2 seconds, then it sunk in. Bad idea and left it alone until now, when i read this post, but lets get real here the only reason why anyone would want to duel wield tank/prot is to be different but the makers of wow tried that once it was with a dk and it failed also with a monk and i personally think it has failed again so why give the warrior a second chance to duel wield tank when they cant seem to figure out how to do it with other class's the first time.. o well if you want to try d/w tank on a warrior do it just go fury spec with tank gear everyone else does. lol i'm kidding don't try it.

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