Mistweaver > 2 Rogues, Boomy and Arms War?

So i was just in WSG on my lvl 66 rogue and we lost for one reason:
The other team had 2 Mistweavers.

One of the Mistweavers had the flag and ran into his base and scored. This may seem normal "That's the name of the game" but consider this: He ran alone, he didn't stop moving for any reason, it was my rogue, another lvl 68 rogue, an arms warrior and a boomkin (all lvl 67) attacking him at the same time, and he managed never to drop below 50% HP, kill us all and came out with 65% mana (/dance and /laugh all the while).
Now at what point does this not sound overpowered in any meaning of the word.
Being able to survive an onslaught of two CC-ing rogues, a Boomkin and Arms Warrior (all in full heirloom i might add) seems a whole lot of OP to me and anyone else who has either common sense and/or has run into this issue before would agree.

I implore Blizzard to do some adjustments because its really hard to enjoy the game when you enter a BG and know you're going to lose because of the fact they have 1-2 Mistweavers.

Also on a side note: Priests at this level are almost impossible to kill as well, please look these classes over in the lower brackets. It seems sometimes the lower brackets get overlooked a lot.

Your gripe is that healers, note, healers are OP before 90. It isn't just Mistweavers.
The generic answer to this is blizzard have stated they do not balance lower level brackets because it is a very difficult method to get the scaling correct to work out at 90. They can barely balance lvl 90 pvp.

But what the monk probably did was use healing spheres, renewing mist and expel harm (pretty sure he has those by that level).

But yeah they just simply cannot balance lower level stuff. You imagine trying to fight mathematical formulae and constants that work at EVERY level for EVERY ability for EVERY class while accounting for how often each ability is used. IMO just stay stealthed and ambush 1 shot low geared players. That's how did it on my rogue and didn't complain once
Role a healer, get to 90 and go to random BGs with zero resil and 463 ilevel gear.

Come back here whine about "healers are overpowered"........................ After you get 2-shotted within a shockwave etc.

Healers are "OP" in low-level BGs, yes yes. Move on please. BTW I got "Wrecking Ball" on my lvl 19 warlock 35-0 just spamming a few dots on everyone. Should warlocks get a nerf?
I would like to say that it is a little unfair for you to use this as an excuse to nerf classes. It seems to me that every class in the game is OP at some point while they are leveling. Look at Pallys at 70. I just think you need to chill and deal with it. Monks don't need to be nerfed and if you paid attention to any of the postings on here from monks at 90 you will see WHY they don't need to be nerfed.
If you think its bad now just wait til 5.2 rolls around and said mist weaver is putting out pure dps melee numbers on top of such immortality.

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