Best pet for personal damage BM raiding?

I am curious what people think is the best BM pet for raiding in regards to one's own personal DPS. I know pet damage has been normalized and to bring a pet with a buff the raid needs.

If a raid has all the buffs covered offered by our pets, what do you guys raid with?

I have been typically using a Spirit Beast as I thought the mastery buff he has was best for the BM spec, and I like his heal which really helps out when you aren't sure if a healer will get to you in time. I wasn't sure if that is the way to go or maybe a Rhino/Ravager for the +physical damage buff, which I am not sute of another class provides that one.

It seems like our pets buffs are usually present in most raids so I wasn't sure if there was a pet I was overlooking. I have played since launch with a year and half break, so just coming back I'm a little out of the loop.

Thanks in advance!
There isn't really any pet that does better damage than the others. The buffs that our pets bring do NOT stack with the buffs from other classes/characters in the raid. While, yes, the SB Mastery buff is great for you, if you have a Paladin or a Shaman, mastery is likely covered (though the heal may still come in handy!).

You're right about the Rhino/Ravager, though, assuming that your raid does not have that particular debuff covered already. I know DPS Death Knights cover the Physical Damage debuff, can't recall the others at the moment. Another example is a Raptor/Tallstrider brought along for the -Armor% debuff, though that debuff tends to be taken care of rather easily with most raid comps.

TL;DR - If your raid has all Raid Buffs covered, be sure to check if there are any DEBUFFS that you do not have. If both Buffs and Debuffs are covered, take your favorite pet along (specced Ferocity, of course!).
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Serious answer: If all buffs are covered, Spirit Beast. The extra self-heal can save your !@# sometimes.

If not all buffs are covered (even if buffs that aren't covered don't affect your DPS), bring something to cover a buff. Like if, say, you're missing 5% spell haste bring a ...

There is A LOT of aoe lately in the raids and dungeons, so I've been using a Chimera for his aoe move. It's boosted my DPS since I've used one.
Tallstrider for AoE sunders. Only pet or class for that matter than can apply an instant three stack of sunders to all adds within 10 yards. Multishot/beast cleave win right there.
+1 on chimera. I'm just now getting to level my hunter, so no raids yet, but that channeled AOE hitting all targets within 12 yards is NICE. Course this is just dungeon crawls where stuff dies so fast SRS isnt even needed.
Bring the one that your group/raid is missing. Personally, I like to use my Sambas pet when solo for the mastery buff.
If all buffs are covered and the fight has adds or target swapping, there are some variances to what you should use. For AoE you'll want a Worm or Chimera (however it is preferable just to swap to survival in this situation). If you'll be target swapping a lot, bring a pet that covers a debuff. Tallstrider is probably the best bet in this situation, especially if you won't have a sundering tank on the mob.

If the fight doesn't have adds, it pretty much doesn't matter.

I bring a Serpent with me for the haste buff because most LFRs lack rogues or unholy DKs.

It's called Unholy Aura for some reason but Frost gets it as well. It's also covered by Enhancement shamans. I highly doubt you're finding LFRs that don't have any of those 6 specs.
I say Chimera for the AoE situation. I use Arcturis (spirit beast bear), Quillen tor the bres incase someone's on cd or too busy.Raptor for single target dps and the thunder isle turtle for add tanking incase what ever reason one is dead or is tanking some other adds
Excellent work on the necro there. Bonus points for it having level 90 posters who probably don't even play any more.
Threads so old you see yourself in a past life.
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Threads so old you see yourself in a past life.

ROFLMAO...I love your gear. I see your back at it trolling other classes with Cloth/Intel Gear. Esp if its purple in color.

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