Survival and Marksman are too similar

Me respecing into MM is a matter of swapping out like 2ish abilities and seeing my little green cobra shot turn into a white steady shot.

Sure passives are different, like Steady Focus for example helps to change the playstyle, but there is definitely not enough different abilities (non-passive abilities) between the two.

Everything below is just my opinion. It is definitely not at all what would be the best way to approach this, it is just a few suggested changes.

1. Fix Powershot or whatever people don't like about it, then make it baseline for MM only. Add in a new level 90 talent to replace it.

2. Possibly some unique traps for Survival. This is more for the reason of fun rather than balancing purposes, a simple passive that buffs traps slightly doesn't feel like enough to give Survival the feeling that it is intended to be better at trapping.

3. Make Camouflage a Survival only ability. I feel some people will not like this, but I don't see your entire BM / MM spec being killed just because of this. Sorry that I am suggesting a nerf, but I feel like it would definitely help make Survival more viable in PvP (by making the other two slightly less viable) than it currently is. Balancing can come later if even necessary at all.

4. Make Exhilaration baseline for Survival only and replace that talent with something else.
Im hoping they make MM pet-less someday, that will give them more room for stuff like this. so

1>POWER SHOT on MM - they should make it a buff. turns your next Aimed shot into a Power Shot.(increased damage + knock back + AoE path)

Then allow it to trigger bombardment,
benefit from concussive barrage, piercing shots, and MMM
but not from careful Aim.

MMM can deactivate the use of power shot, and refresh it's CD, if it gets deactivated.

2>TRAPS - they could probably just redesign the other specs w/o so much need for traps, this change can up BM's pet AoE damage, and MM can have a better effect with bombardment.

First, reintroduce immolation trap as the current explosive trap, since it simply burns stuff
Second, reintroduce explosive trap as the glyphed version of it. Then.

give BM 2 traps ice, snake
give MM 2 traps ice, explosive(knock back)
give SV 5 traps ice, snake, explosive, immolation (as AoE),freezing

3>CAMO - NO! NOT my CAMO, how about leave camo but give the glyphed version to SV with a kinder movement impairment 70%?

4>EXHILARATION - maybe they can get the heal from disengage instead
I've swapped around between SV, MM and BM for PvP this season and have been surprised at how *little* needs to change on my action bars to support the change. I suppose this because I try to map abilities to the same location across all toons/specs... (Like I always put my big AOE on the "6" key...)

For me I redo a couple of macros and drag them to my bars and swap a couple of major abilities and that's it mostly. It makes things easy, but it is also kind of disappointing in a way.

The problem is that it seems like almost everything related to damage output is just baseline now. With the difference being in what talents/glyphs you pick up.

My two cents...

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