Worst timing disconnect in raid?

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02/15/2013 09:05 AMPosted by Idrunkenheal
Tank dcing @ 5% on heroic sha :(

Wow, that has to be bad. Gratz on kill though.

Worst wasn't really a do but I alt tabbed while kiting a meteor on rag. That wasn't fun.
Back in Vanilla and BC I raided with my brother. One night in Kara we were progressing on Shade of Aran. My brother and I heard the countdown of 3.. 2.. And then everything went black as our power went out. I can only imagine the raid's surprise when they started the fight and two of the 10 slowly dc'd from the outage.

Definitely the DC I still laugh most about to this day.
At the start of an attenuation on Heroic: Vizier..... My guild was not happy with me

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