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I just started playing DnD recently(If guildies are wondering where I've been when I'm not online/at work the tabletop stole me!) and it's SO MUCH FUN.

I am enjoying myself immensely, more than I have playing much else in a long time.

I've got a 3.5e game and a Pathfinder game and one that I might be joining soon that's run by a friend who will help me figure out the class they helped me pick and stuff and I AM EXCITED.

I've wanted to play DnD for years and years and years but it just never ever worked out, and now I finally have time/people willing to play and it's just :D

All the :D

Melee dwarf ranger with two-handed axes for life.
Some of my best memories ever have been of me and my friends playing D&D years ago. My cheeks would cramp up from all the laughing we'd do.
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising! Oh, and the first one too.

I think I busted a rib.

I have family members and family friends who've played/play tabletop stuff, but I haven't tried it yet.
My fondest memory of DnD is playing my Dwarf Cleric and using Bigby's Grasping Hand to bodily throw one of my companions into the mouth of a demon to distract it.

Good times.
Salss runs Pathfinder over Vent. You could always contact him if you wanted to join in.
I'm in a pathfinder group, we are running a Campaign, and a side campaign right now. In the main Campaign im running a Dwarf Fighter, and in the side Campaign I'm running a full blood Orc Barbarian.

I've only started table top gaming in the past year and am really enjoying it, Thinking about digging up the Info for the Warcraft table top so i can DM a game, and if not the warcraft one then Shadowrun.

Funny story, the DM thinks our party is insane, because as soon as we found a Deck of many things we started drawing as much as we could and each ended up skipping at least two levels thanks to those cards, in total i think we each drew about 30 cards.

Not to mention now we have run into a magical in game d20 whose name escapes me at the moment, while our spell casters knew out of character what it was, I did not and the first thing i proceeded to do with said die is throw it at the drow in our party. The roll turned out well for me.
Your DM's the insane one for even allowing you to get at a Deck of Many Things. That artifact devours campaigns whole.
02/13/2013 11:06 PMPosted by Madican
Your DM's the insane one for even allowing you to get at a Deck of Many Things. That artifact devours campaigns whole.

I once offered my players to draw one card from a limitless Deck of Many Things. I utilized a 1-100 rolling sheet to randomize what card was "drawn". Now before I tell you the outcomes, you must understand that "The Void" card sends a character's soul out to a random point in time or space and leaves the body essentially catatonic. Now..

The first one drew The Void.
The second drew The Void.
The third drew The Void.
The fourth drew..The Void.

And the fifth drew The Moon, which grants a random number of wishes. I decided that this card could only grant one wish. I assumed he would use it to restore his party to life.

..The player looked around the table, listening to everyone's pleas or advice, then looked at me.

His character's wish: For his card to be changed to The Void. was an entertaining way to end the campaign.
02/13/2013 09:37 PMPosted by Pai
Salss runs Pathfinder over Vent. You could always contact him if you wanted to join in.

I don't use vent for anything. Bad experiences in the past. If I do log in I listen only. I use MapTools usually.

All of my characters are elves (big shocker there right?). I have a TWF Fighter, a 2h Weapon Fighter, a TWF Homebrew Discipline Warblade, a TWF Rogue, and a Marksman in the works. (Markswoman?)

The twf fighter is in a 3.5, the 2h fighter is in a pathfinder game, the warblade is for a campaign I might join soonish, the rogue is for a campaign that never got off the ground, and the marksman is to fill the spot of someone who died in my friend's campaign and they decided to give up their seat rather than reroll.

The Marksman is the first time I haven't played a melee character, the first time I'veplayed a character with 'spells', and the first psionic character I've messed with. As well as being the first time I've had a character above level 2.

It's gonna be interesting.

Edit: Fun stories so far.

Killed a badguy in a hallway. Couldn't reach the other one.

Me: "can I throw him?"

Dm: ".... *checks things* uh, sure."

Me: *rolls*

Threw one badguy at another, and it crit. Killed him. I laughed. :D

In the pathfinder game, my character came across an escaped slave. Had some leather armor and a weapon in my bag, gave them to the slave to wear so she wouldn't die. Slave's tagging along trying to be useful.

See some bandits. I catch them by surprise, charge one, blow him up. Then we roll initiative... and I roll first.

Charge the second bandit, blow him up. Combat over. Slave looks at my character and goes "maybe I should just give you the sword back, you'd probably use it better"

You get my thumbs up for Pathfinder.

Since we're sharing stories, in one of my previous games we were working on a story arc that lead up to a fight with a Spectre at Lv 5. It was a huge fight in the middle of a ballroom filled with nobles, and as most of the group is trying to deal with the random cultists and evacuate the nobles, our Paladin decides to go toe to toe with the giant being of shadow that was just summoned.

First attack roll was a Smite Evil with a War Mace. It crit for the Spectre's entire health pool.

And that was the end of that story.
02/13/2013 11:59 PMPosted by Sinfalore

I love Pathfinder. In my Pathfinder group, I have "The Deck." "The Deck" being the most rule books in the group, and I'm not even the DM. XD
I run a massive game, which is several people are playing, but instead of a party, each session is focused on one player, and they haven't met the others. As time goes, and the sessions progress, the players may come across each other, forming partnerships and parties then, if it works. May only be temporary.

I've written a world and setting for the last few years, it's extremely detailed in lore, geography, history, cultures and so on.

I use vent for this, because honestly it's no different then if it was in person. My players seem happy so far.
D&D is just bad memories for me, because my friends spend the whole time rules lawyering. If I wanted to spend a day listening to uptight nerds argue I'd still be going to anime cons.
D&D is just bad memories for me, because my friends spend the whole time rules lawyering. If I wanted to spend a day listening to uptight nerds argue I'd still be going to anime cons.

Or the realm forums?

god i'm good

Pathfinder's a blast, we've rampaged through a duergar kingdom, dealt with a cult of necromancers that were using orcs too, discovered some drow and allied with them. Now we accidentally stumbled into some horrible god-created blight that's super dangerous.
Half-Orc Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Monk, Rogue, Cleric, Bard, Witch, Alchemist.

Dwarf Barbarian, Paladin, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric.

Human Wizard, Fighter, Rogue, Paladin, Sorcerer, Cleric, Witch, Alchemist, Cavalier.

God I love Pathfinder. It's like D&D 3.5 but ... smoothed out. Damn near perfected.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into the next campagin! Finally, I'm no longer the GM! Half-Orc Summoner with a Behir-themed Eilodon!
I play a DnD 4e campaign every Friday and it is the highlight of my week. I play a human paladin of Erathis named Rindle who, before the campaign started, managed to tick off an Eladrin noble by not only failing one of those classic fae morality tests but seeing right through it and insulting her since he's kind of racist about fae. Views them as inferior to humans in nearly all ways, but as a result he's of the Guardian persuasion since he feels they need to be protected by the obviously superior race. Even better, there's a half-elf bard in the party who kind of reinforces this because of how ditzy she is. One of HER antics involved seducing a barmaid and setting her on to our Warforged wizard. Also tripping a trap twice.

Anyways, by ticking off a major fae power, Rindle got cursed. Every time he puts someone down he shrinks an inch. When he puts a god down he shrinks a couple inches and gets knocked off his feet (he called Bahamut a b**** in his own temple while arguing with the party cleric). Shrinking isn't the only thing happening though. He's also finding out now that he's in the intermediate stages that he's become fae-like with pointed ears being the first sign. If the curse resolves completely then he'll become a pixie. A pixie with a sword and 24 AC. And considering the cleric in the party views him as the one to insult constantly that day gets a little closer with each session.

It's great fun though. The DnD is really experienced and has helped us all make our characters when we wanted to veer away from standard templates. Despite being first-time players for most of us, we are all writers in our own right and the characters reflect that. My paladin is CHA (19 currently) based instead of STR (he has a 10) and all of his abilities are CHA ones. When I came up with the idea of a fae curse transforming a human into a pixie, he's the one who helped me come up with a way to make it happen over the course of a campaign. He also helps me find equipment and abilities that fit the flavor of the character over minmaxing the stats. Hell, I got a Hedge Wizard Glove just so I could make the cleric's ale taste like a number of foul flavors. He also has incorporated our character's backstories into the campaign, ranging from the cleric (a Deva) finding information about her ex-husband who she kills every chance she's reborn to Rindle finding the trail of the Eladrin who cursed him, both through people she's cursed and someone who she shared some power also curse people.
02/14/2013 12:38 AMPosted by Sinlinara
You get my thumbs up for Pathfinder.

This, so much this.

Playing a human bard in a homebrew Pathfinder setting. And yes, as spoony as only a bard can be, though not without his serious side. Don't insult the Art.
I'm quite fond of Fourth Edition. Even ran a brief campaign with some other people on WRA through the use of MapTools, cantankerous though it was.
My group uses Roll20 for our DnD games.

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