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I've never been a DnD fan, nor have I played what most people would recognize as a table top game.

But I did try and play the Starship Troopers Miniatures game, which is a table top. I thought it was pretty cool but sadly they stopped making them ;-; I'd buy em just to collect the beautiful pieces.
I've been playing D&D since 7th grade (which is much further in the past than I'd prefer...), and I love it. My group just finished a 4th Edition campaign, we're currently in a New World of Darkness/Mage chronicle (it would be pure Mage if it weren't for me playing a werespider...), and we're giving consideration to launching a Pathfinder campaign once that's done instead of just waiting for D&D 5th Edition ("D&D Next"). I still personally maintain that 3.5 was the best D&D rule system ever, and Pathfinder is just an update of that system.
I use MapTools right now and it's ossim.

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My group uses Roll20 for our DnD games.

I -would- use Roll20, but unfortunately with my internet the way it is right now, I have to be tethered through my smartphone for internet or it doesn't work.

And you can't use a mobile connection to access Roll20 without either being a paid member or the GM being a paid member.
I use MapTools right now and it's ossim.

I had a devil of a time with MapTools. While I love the ability to create frameworks for rules sets and pre-programmed buttons for abilities - a fact that made teaching 4E to new players an absolute joy - connecting and starting a server was often a frustrating and complicated process thanks to one person or another's port being blocked for reasons nobody could figure out. On two occasions the program was blocked partway through a session with no apparent cause, and when I switched to a different ISP it stopped working entirely no matter what I tried.

If they've fixed the connection problems, I'll go back to it, but until then MapTools hurt me. It hurt me bad.
Yeah connection issues can be a problem.

But when it works it's amazing~
I just finished the first part of a DnD 4e campaign today before my Computer Science class. We've got a party of six and a dungeon master who's just getting started, so we're all learning the ropes.

It took us about two hours to get past the first encounter of our campaign - a group of eight kobolds.
Roll20 is kind of amazing, along with myth-weavers for character sheets.


Edit: Also i really want to use ROll20 but can't right now.
Cut my teeth on the 1st Ed.

Most vivid encounter; Ravenloft <shudder> yep, we all died.

Was swinging a +2 longsword as well.

Character; Female Elf, Fighter-Mage ("Elven Cavalier" at least in mindset). As snotty and uppity as she could be. Barely talked to any other race than an elf and shrugged off half-elves as "Mistakes will happen". If things would have turned out for the good instead of Strahd owning our souls she would have become a banshee hunter (releasing elven souls from their torment and all that).
the next campaign in the Underdark i am going to play a male drow bard, who acted as a concubine for a noble house, and is secretly trying to start a revolution against drow society. Or you know if that doesn't pan out escape to the surface.
I really want to play but I don't think I'll get to play again until tuesday. =(

I want, like... a solo adventure that I can play with just myself and the DM, maybe a person who sticks around for a session or two, depending, that I can do like every day.
Probably the highlight of today was happening upon a group of bandit men who were ritually sacrificed but not all the way dead. Our party talks with them and eventually decide to mercy kill them. Our bard strums her lute to put them to sleep and someone starts singing this over Skype.

And everyone just absolutely dies laughing as a somber moment is obliterated.

Here's a collection of funny DnD stories I've found.

These makes me want to play DnD so bad.
might get to play later tonight. :D
I am running an inquisitor in a PF campaign right now, and a Sun Elf Wizard/Incantator in a 3.5 campaign.
Nope. =x No play tonight.
I've done D&D over skype once, it was amazingly fun.

Currently I'm participating in a few forum-based D&D games, but the problem with those is that it's possible to go days without major things happening, and combat takes a while.
Yeah I don't enjoy the playbypost ones.
I absolutely love DnD, and have been DMing for almost eight years now. Just even bringing it up makes me smile, because it brings back such good memories.

I think the funnest thing I'd ever run with my friends had to be a (4E) campaign where after saving the remnants of a town that was under siege by a neighboring country, the two casters in the party opened a ritual-portal based off a rune that they had no idea where it would lead to.

Long story short, it led to this abandoned temple in the middle of a huge swamp that had laid dormant for centuries. Instead of just gawking at it, the group ended up setting the rescued towns people to work while they pursed the main story arc. They ended up making an entirely new town, and it became a bastion for those seeking a safe place to live during the war.

Good times c:

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