Guardian DPS while not tanking

What's the best plan when I'm not tanking anything (e.g. if I'm the adds-only tank on Lei Shi and it's not the add phase).

I do about 25-30K styaing bear. When I've tried going cat form I haven't done as much (but could be doing it wrong).

Not including Heart of the Wild of course , got to have a plan for when that runs out :)
I would go Mangle>Lacerate>Thrash bleed>FF and dump your rage into maul. Don't recommend going into cat at all.
If you are not going to be gaining Vengeance and will most likely have it fall off before you start actually tanking again, you will add about 20% to your bear dps by stacking kitty bleeds on top of your bear damage.

Blue/some purple PvP gear:

30k on dummies just bear
30k on dummies just cat
35k on dummies primarily bear with cat form for added bleeds. I make use of the PvP 4piece set bonus too adding ravage into the equation, that might be a big chunk of the added damage as 1) it is free and 2) generates combo points faster to get bleeds up faster to get back into bear faster.

Vengeance will most likely make kitty worthless for a bear, not to mention that if you are gaining vengeance, you are getting hit, which you want to be in bear form for anyway.

Might not be worth it to leave bear form if in a raid situation as you then become a very squishy tank. And I can't think of any PvE reason why you would be in a situation as a tank spec, but not tanking, unless it is a raid.
Guardian Kitty does do slightly more damage than Guardian Bear, if Guardian Bear is at 0 Vengeance.

Just get hit by a Splash or two and it makes shifting into Cat kinda pointless.
Thanks all
Further to this actually:

by 'cat bleeds' you mean Mangle x3 - Rake - Rip then back to bear?

Also, during Heart of the Wild what's my best rotation?
02/15/2013 10:46 PMPosted by Autumni
Also, during Heart of the Wild what's my best rotation?

Equip a caster weapon, and Wrath spam w/ Agi Pot.
if your agi weapon is better then your caster weapon, ferocious bite/rip is better during hotw

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