Highest Bear Form stam you've seen?

I played on the PTR and went Guardian. Had flasks, Well Fed, potions, Warrior Buff, Rallying Cry, Ursoc. Hit 770k and that was in PVP gear.

What's the highest you've seen on live?

Additions: I added PVE gear, gemmed and chanted Stamina as much as possible and hit 1 million.
Just curious at how much over 1 million you hit. Because the first end bosses in the game had 1,099,000 health and it would be pretty funny to get a screenshot of you standing next to Rag in MC with more health than him
1.13 million. ~1,130,000. Give or take.
My Warrior friend isn't even fully Raid Finder geared and he can hit 1 million hit points with self buffs/cooldowns.
Mostly blue/some purple pvp gear:

In BGs with all self buffs, including battle standard, 712k.

5.2 honor purchasable Mal gear + experimenting with might of ursoc glyph will probably net over a million not long after patch hits, on a regular basis in BGs.

Btw, Bear Hug, with all the health, hits ridiculously hard in BGs. >:)

Yes, I become a "10-min" mage that way, but it is oh so fun.
I had the next tier's gear on BTW.

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