Tier 14 bonuses?? Question about gear.

So... My problem here is that I have 3 tier 14 pieces, all from lfr (ilvl=483: Yaungol Slayer's Legguards, Yaungol Slayer's Headguard, Yaungol Slayer's Gloves).

However, I also have Subetai's Pillaging Leggings and Dreadeye Gaze.

My question is this: Would I be better off losing the two-piece bonus in favor of the ilvl? I'm thinking the additional stats will make up for the loss of bonus.

No... The 2 piece bonus is better for DPS .. Just from my own simming..

I had 496 gear that was still 1K under the tier bonus..
upgrade the tier with valor. You'll be better off.
Of those 5 pieces you linked... You should be using the tier helm/gloves with the 489 spirit kings legs.

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