(A) <Stuff of Legend> LF Friends!

<Stuff of Legend> (lvl25 Alliance) is a guild looking to establish itself on a new home here on Turalyon! Myself and my officers are long time raid partners who have recently come to this realm in search of Glory and Legend with what we hope is a friendly, social, and experienced player base.

We are looking ideally for lvl 90 players who are interested in Raiding, Dungeoning, Scenario'ing, Achievement Farming, and just playing together as a guild in a fun, social, comical, and all around awesome environment. We have a our own Ventrillo server, 7 tab bank, all the BoA's and Perks you need to level all of your alts and enjoy all the benefits of being in a max level guild. We enjoy running Ulduar and Icecrown Citadell 25 as well as many other old raids for mounts and Transmog gear every week, and if we could build up enough of a member base could do many more fascinating things together!

We are looking to form a progressive endgame raid group, ideally 10 man and we have 2 healers (Priest,Druid) 1 tank (Paladin) and 1 melee dps (Death Knight) allready, so ideally we would be looking for some ranged DPS and another healer and tank in this department.

If this appeals to you and you are looking for a new home, or a better home, and you actually play the game and not just log on for 10 minutes a couple of days a month, then you are more then welcome to contact either Myself, Vavalis, Ralphiee/Ralphiie, or Fleshthief in game, or put in a request via the guild recruitment page in game, or send in game mail, or even post on this thread.

I hope very much to hear from new friends to come and help us grow into the guild we are meant to be! =D
dat's a bump right der
BUMP again, theres gotta be some people out there who actually wanna play, and aren't just casuals looking to join and get carried to purples so they can leave and move on to another realm.
Hi! I am interested in your guild and would love to talk to you in game when you have time.
you can also contact Vavalis, or Fleshthief they also have invite powers and would be happy to chat :)
I'm quite interested in speaking with someone about joining. Everything I've read about the guild seems absolutely perfect for me. When would a good time be to speak with you or another recruitment officer?

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