Valentines Day Panty Soaker DJMix

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For valentines ;)

dubstep/panty-soakin dropstep
Pretty good mix, I like it. You're not playing dubstep though, you're playing electro and house. Not a dubstep tune to be seen (well, perhaps towards the very end, but then we're gonna get into the dubstep/brostep debate again). Yeah, a lot of those tunes have the gritty wobble of dubstep, but the clear-cut 4/4 beat (1 and 2 and 3 and 4) excludes them from that genre. Most of the other stuff you have on Soundcloud, labeled as dubstep, is straight up brostep.

Is anyone getting tired of me repeating myself over and over?

Like I said though, good mix regardless. It's playing now and I'll check out your other stuff.

Edit: I do really like your taste in music on that mix; followed you on Soundcloud.
Its actually classified as "Panty Soakin Dropstep" by the artist, and yeah, i just put dubstep because most people don't understand what "brostep" is. They don't see the difference.
Yeah I hear ya. Good mix anyway, keep em coming =)

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