Best comp for spriest in 2s?

1. What is the best dps comp for spriest in 2s?

2. What is the best healer comp for spriest in 2s?
Death knight/death knight.

obviously im not an amazing pvper by any standard so take my advice with a grain of salt but spriest rogue was pretty fun when i played it got 2 2k but i think spriest mage has both amazing cc, amazing control, amazing synergy (alter time into lifeswap ftw) and mage can actually peel which is useful as a spriest. plus you play as double dps so the games are quick and fun.

in terms of heals druid or pally id think.
I've found best success with Mage DPS and Shaman heals.
Had a lot of fun this week with a BM hunter friend. I think any class that can keep melee off of you is good.

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(alter time into lifeswap ftw


best healers are sham or druid but its a boring 2s game.
Priests synergize best with mages, rogues and monks.

They synergize best with priests in that order. Those three are the most dynamic.

Priests can also synergize well with death knights and druids if you are organized.

I hate working with shaman and warlock compositions.


Always go double DPS in 2s as a shadow priest.
double warrior
I tend to like affliction warlocks for the extra dispel protection and mages for peels.

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