Hey guys,

I finally managed to get to the dark summoner despite only using pvp gear (and one pve trinket)

I am not sure how to beat him. He doesn't seem to be as hard as some other fights but I KEEP dying to the ghosts. If I focus too much on the ghosts, I lose chance on attacking him and risk the timer

Should I just kill one ghost at a time, run around and DOTS? Also what talents help? I think I might switch natures vigil to cenarius one that helps with Dots (i believe)

Please help me out! Just want to get to Rank 8 and call it quits! Cheers

nothing seems to be working, my dps is suffering too in killing the ghosts.. am I suppose to dot them or what?
Alright well thanks anyway. I'll just keep at it and see what happens.
You have to kill ghosts to pop the shield, and use the light to fear the ghosts so they don't hit you. A ghost hitting you is instant death. What I've been told is to kill the first ghost, dot the boss up and try to keep the ghosts under control while letting dots kill him.
From Cyous in another thread about Summoner:


I found it to be a joke as Moonkin.

Find a ghost.
Kill Ghost.
Attack Boss.
Don't stand in corners.
Multi-DOT if possible.

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