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Hey all I just hit 90 and I'm wondering if I'm screwing something up? My number suck . . . idk if it's a rotation deal or if I'm lacking the right gear but I can't get past 30K . . . I'm almost to the point of rolling a hunter, and this toon has been my #1 since BC and I've never had issues . . . Any and all help would be great guys thanks!
Your gear is terrible, and 30K DPS single-target is reasonable considering.

Don't roll a Hunter, they're terrible.
Try taking Soul of the Forest for your T4 talent and use glyph of Savagery so you can get a savage roar in pre-pull. Damage will scale with gear and give noticeable differences, so just keep going at it.
Im getting anywhere from 31k-38k.. somtimes double that during burst. I still feel like I have it wrong as well.. I spent a lot of time just auto attacking while my bleeds are ticking. If you're feeling the same.. were in the same boat :S
Download badkitty addon thats how i learned the rotation, its a box who tell what spells you have not on the target, just use the spells who are in the red box.
1) Download BadKitty or DroodFocus. The both serve the same basic function, but I prefer DroodFocus as it feels more streamlined.

2) We scale wildly with gear, especially weapon. Try to LFR a new weapon. That was a huge boost for me.

3) There will be periods where you simply autoattack while you pool energy, with bleed ticks being your only damage. That's why we stack Mastery before worrying about hit/exp capping.
It would help if you described your rotation/pull habits, but when I first dinged 90 I was hitting like 40k single target.
02/15/2013 05:53 AMPosted by Thequay

DroodFocus is so very, very good. I'd never done Feral before - my only similar experience was raiding Kara on my rogue, and that was a long, long time ago.

DroodFocus is nicely customizable, but right out of the box, it helps with:

1. Keeping Savage Roar up. If you don't have it up, there's a big, pulsing SR icon. Once it's up, it screams at you once it's down to 3 seconds remaining, then again if you let it drop off.
2. Keeping track of bleeds/debuffs. Nice, clear icons for your thrash, rip, rake, with a countdown.
3. Managing your CDs. Nice countdown for when your CDs are available.
4. Watching combo points, health, focus.

Best part is that it keeps all that info in a nice focus point. I have mine front and center, right under where my target would be for most camera angles. No more watching one corner for my target's combo points and another corner for my buffs.

Basic pointers I can give are:

• Keep Savage Roar going.
• Keep up your bleeds.
• Don't over-clip bleeds. When possible, refresh them right before they fall off, not when they still have 5 seconds remaining.
• Don't be afraid of autoattacking. Say you have a case where you've got 5 CP on a mob, but Rake and SR are still going strong, but if you Ferocious Bite, you won't have time to get CP back up to refresh them -- waiting might be the better choice.

To get yourself into a good priority/rotation mindset, you can also use Bitten's Spellflash for Druids. At least at the start of me learning to play Kitty, it was very helpful to have these flashing icons saying "RIP NOW" or "Get your Tiger's Fury on!"

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