gear prot like ret for more dmg!

hey everyone... so i have been experimenting with this pally and i love playing him pve and pvp. i was really disapointed with the dmg he was putting out as prot so i switched to ret and i was disappointed in his tanking SO i came up with the great idea of gearing my prot pally like ret... Str first priority and have been owning ever since!

can someone please tell me if im going about this the right way...
You'll be surprised at the answer, but yeah, it's perfectly fine to tank in your DPS gear, especially at your level, where avoidance doesn't matter much.

Try to focus on Haste/Mastery gear (though I'm sure there won't be much at that level). Helps so much making the rotation fun while upping DPS output.
thanks i just hit 80 so im trying to figure out how to gear up for pvp
Some of the DPS gear right now is BiS for tanking, due to expertise/haste being priority

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