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I'm somewhat new to disc healing and completely new to the priest forums. I have been looking around quite a bit and have been unable to find a succinct comparison of the relative HPS and HPM of our different spells. Does this exist? I know that PoH is king, but what about PoM? Atonement with and without evangelism stacks? Pennance? Gheal? Etc. We have a lot of tools, and I'm trying to get them straight in my head. Any help would be appreciated!
Currently, our "good" abilities (both hps and hpm) are:

level 90 talent
shield for rapture
holy fire

Everything else you use when you need to (or in the case of smite, when you have no need to be casting PoH), not because you want to.

For example: Healing the tank you may want to use single target heals to maintain grace, but spot healing random raid members atonement or PoH is better unless you absolutely have to top off a particular person right away.
Ty for the summary!

Has anyone published actual numbers though? I'm curious because for example while I understand both PoH and PoM are Good, depending on their hps and hpm at some point it might be worth it to drop PoM for straight PoH spam, if indeed PoH hps>PoM. I am also interested in how much hps loss atonement is over straight PoH spam, so I have a better idea on when to transition, and when atonement can overtake aoe on damage modifier fights.

Basically, numbers would be fantastic if they have been published :)
In my gear with full raid buffs it's roughly like this:

Divine star / cascade: overwhelmingly the most hps always (star on stacked, cascade spread) and also the most hpm (cascade's hpm is a bit lower in 10man as it only hits 10 targets, but it's still your go to heal if you need to heal a spread out raid fast).

PoH: ~31 hpm, 180k hps
PoM:~30 hpm, 230k hps
Penance (atonement, 5 evangelism): 30 hpm glyphed, 36 hpm unglyphed, 129k hps
Holy Fire (5 evangelism): 27 hpm, 75k hps
Edit: forgot PW:S - it's 125k per cast; a paltry 7 hpm outside of rapture, but very good when rapture is off cooldown.

Thus ends the "good heals". For reference:

Smite (holy fire dot and 5 evangelism, so best case scenario in 510+ gear): 14 hpm, 59k hps
Greater heal (no grace): 9 hpm, 71k hps

Keep in mind a few things:

1. My gear is practically full BiS and these numbers assume no overheal and full raid buffs (in inner fire), which is why they are so large
2. I'm reforged to crit which decreases the strength of PoH relative to other spells
3. This is going to change in 5.2, which is only a couple weeks away. At that point PoH will not be quite as good as the "good" heals, but also won't be as bad as the "bad" heals. PW:S without rapture is going to fall into that category as well.
thanks a bunch, this was exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate you putting in the time for numbers :)

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