Does Feign Death Still drop target?

Never seems to do anything pvp.

Do you need to make it a macro and /stopcast?
I'm noticing it does absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes I hit it and it consumes my cooldown and i'm standing up still getting attacked. Feign Death needs a rogue move where when we feign death a faint image is left behind or some crap. Never seems to detarget if you're getting attacked, if their in the process it works. Other than that i rarely use it. I only really use it against casters (Fear, Frostjaw, Elemental blast/lava burst etc...) big moves that would otherwise kill me. I dunno though, there's a lot of mini problems that hunters have.
Sounds like a case of you're standing up too fast. It's dumb, but you do need to give it about a second or so for things to pan out.
It really is a hit or miss. I have had it drop target occasionally and other times I drop target and then get charged by a warrior anyway or something like that.
it works fine except on boss fights i still get targeted by aoe abilities like in phase 2 of elegon i still get hit by the circle of lightning thing he spams under you
It's possible it could be buggy but I haven't had any pvp problems with it. Turn on "view target of target" I notice every time i have used feign death they drop me as a target and target my pet or whatever is closest to them most of the time. Works pretty well as a cast interrupt.

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