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I'm getting bored of BM, I'm under geared and forcing full malv/malv elite players to pop all CDs just to kill me in BGs and 1v1s (Just for practice). I was MM for a while and that feels way underwhelming at times so I thought survival would be good. Is explosive shot just a pretty little effect we have now? or does it do real damage? My average ES crits on targets in BGs i just played was 6-7k Average Normal hit and 12-13k Crit on people. Are these numbers low because I don't have my weapon yet?

P.S. i wish blizzard would make ES hit as hard as it did in wrath for the few months we had it :(
tnt stun was the !@#$
I used to play survival pvp in cata.. I can tell you first-hand that it essentially just has harder hitting hunter shots (IE: shots that all three specs share) more specifically:

Arcane Shot
Serpent Sting

From what I have seen, you get more out of AS than ES currently. Although you still want to use your double-tap ES LNL procs. But make sure you are burning all 3 ToTH procs with AS. I can actually take down a warrior in 5.2 easier as SV than BM because i just BA SS them then kite and use LNL and TOTH procs constantly. Of course, using my frost traps to proc LNL. During their second wind, saving my pvp trink + rapid fire i can kill them way faster with AS and KS than I can as BM

The thing that makes survival weak is there is virtually no "hard burst" other than mass arcane shots. It does do fairly good damage over time though. Must more consistent damage than BM (after its burst). Not to mention, BA is dispellable which takes away a lot of your LNL procs. They need to either make it not dispellable, or have the CD reset if dispelled.

But w/e you like, play it. Just don't expect to get far in arenas or rbgs are SV just yet.
Yeah I'm starting to notice that a lot, before as BM I could barely beat rogues and warriors (Monks are still easy no matter which spec ^_^). Currently I'm using the no escape glyph and kiting people in it to boost my damage so I'm seeing pretty big numbers. I still hit fairly hard on malv players, just not full malv elite with 2/2 upgraded D:

I just can't believe blizzard would make players rely on a weapon so's insane.

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