[RP Bounty] Eliminating the competition

Emerald Dream
Toreyn stood next to the tall golden tree in Eversong woods. As he surveyed the area looking for patrols he paused and gave a nod to Dagger. The Devilsaur erupted in rage, charging the nearest Sin’dorei. The guard swung his blade too late, the massive beast clenched his jaws on the elf’s torso and bit down slowly shattering bone. Two gnomes moved forward into Silvermoon City a pair of Kaldorei followed close behind. Toreyn pulled back his bow firing a shot into the chest of Dagger’s prey. The guard went limp and immediately stopped thrashing against the animal’s jaws. The hunter and his pet moved away from the guard and followed his party into the city.

Marve motioned for the party to follow him, as he turned an Arcane guardian stepped forward. With a wave of his wrist, Marve delivered a spell and froze the guardian in his tracks. In a matter of moments the group had demolished the guardian and moved deeper into the Sin’dorei city.

Finally the group stopped outside an Inn. The Pandarian turned to Toreyn and pointed at the sign. “My contact says she is inside here.”

Toreyn nodded at Paiden and motioned for the group to move inside, he commanded Dagger to wait by the entrance. He stepped thru the threshold, the smell of incense and magic was overwhelming. The room was lit low for the night and a female Sin’dorei stood near the bar. She was no staring at the latest patrons with a look of shock.

Toreyn moved in close to her and spoke in common. “Are you the one called Jovia?”

The elf nodded slowly, trembling and shaking. She offered no other reply.

The female Kaldorei in the party stepped forward, she mumbled a dark incantation while staring deep into Jovia’s eyes. The Sin’dorei gasped and then collapsed to the floor.

Toreyn looked at the Kaldorei. “Stay away from demonic friends Dycern, you are already dangerous enough.”

“This is about eliminating the competition. We don’t have time to chatter with helpless horde.” She gave him a coy smile and moved to the back of the room to watch for guards.”


Toreyn popped open a vial and swallowed down the beverage. Soon his body began to glow and he could feel the surge of energy rush over his body. As he continued to glow, he stared long at Jovia. He shook his head and moved over to help Marve lift the crates of Moonglow. Ellie and Inkton made quick work destroying all the Moonberry Juice to make room for the crates.

“Good work everyone. We have to move over to Murder’s Row, I believe we will find Velandra there along with another supply of Moonberry Juice. “The hunter flashed a wicked grin. “Tonight the Sin’dorei and Horde will learn the drink of choice in Azeroth is Moonglow.”

Ellie gave Toreyn a curious look. “How will all the Horde learn this? Silvermoon is far from the rest of the Horde?”

The Worgen flashed his teeth at the gnome. “Too True Ellie. We will have to send word at once.”

In the following days, all across Azeroth parchments were tacked and nailed for all to see. They read as follows;

For the crime of Profiteering of Moonberry Juice.

1. Barkeep Morag of Orgimmar
2. Kuruk of Thunder Bluff
3. Innkeeper Duras of Ashenvale
4. Marsha Duchamp of Hillsbrad Foothills
5. Janella of Blasted Lands

Any who dispatch these criminals shall be rewarded!

((OOC Details.))

Moonglow Bootleggers are offering bounties on the above characters who supply Moonberry Juice to Azeroth. This list will change from time to time, please continue to visit this thread for updates. This list will eventually have Alliance targets for Horde to claim.

1. Kill wanted Moonberry Juice criminal outside capitol city – 10 Gold
2. Kill wanted Moonberry Juice criminal inside capitol city – 25 Gold
3. Kill wanted Moonberry Juice criminal and member of Opposite faction – 100 Gold

**Any kill completed while drinking Moonglow will result in a bonus 50 Gold.**

All kills must be Screen Shot and posted in this thread.
Player landing kill must be alive prior to taking SS, if you die during attempt you will not be paid.
Any group kill will only pay out to the person accredited the killing blow from combat log.

Depending on the amount of bounties claimed each week we may set a max bounty payout per week. Contest maybe canceled at any time at the discretion of Moonglow Bootleggers.
Free gold for killing lowly NPCs? Getting payed to drink Moonglow? Yes please
Moonglow is an absolutely hideous beverage. Not only does it taste absolutely terrible, but if you consume enough of it, your insides will melt.

Down with the Moonglow!!!! It's all about the Sulfuron Slammers.
Down with the Moonglow!!!! It's all about the Sulfuron Slammers.

I wouldn't call the safety of Moonglow into question when your preferred beverage sets people on fire...

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