Orc/Troll Mages

I was wondering why we don't see many on the horde side? Blood Fury seems to be a great racial and i wonder if the 5% works with the Water Elemental even though Water Elemental isn't really damaged based. But the troll haste buff seems nice also. Note that i'm making my Mage strictly pvp. Just having some thoughts on making my mage a troll or orc.
My motivation is fashion mostly. I'm a total hooker for mix/matching transmog gear haha. Plus Belf ladies have the most adorable drinking animation ever :D
I've always wondered this as well, have thought about switching to orc myself. I think its more of a 'looks/fashion' issue rather than anything else. Orcs are one of the best horde racials to be considering 15% stun length reduction and the dmg boost. I would say go for it, or even troll works.
what is superior for a mage Blood Fury or Haste Buff? The whole fashion sense i have that down already my bank/void storage is almost full of transmog :D haha
I'd say Blood Fury

@blinkinz I don't understand the whole Undead is 'best' thing because the racial adds cooldown onto ur main trinket.
If you're going strictly PvP as Horde, then yes Forsaken is your best route. Touch of the Grave and Cannibalism is insane. But in a PvE environment Trolls have the best racials in the game. Period.
Because undead are better
I was blood elve, didnt like it switched to undead, didn't like it as well. Don't know what all the hype is about undead lol, I prefer goblin honestly or Orc.
Troll is sexy for Arcane!! Haste FTW!~
I like my Orc. Orcs wear armour well.
I'm currently Blood Elf and i have no fascination with Undead haha. I'm really going towards the orc side
My guess would be thematics/aesthetics, at least in regards to Orcs (I've seen plenty of troll mages)

Seeing 300+lbs of green skinned muscle running around in a dress, and without the dark thematics the warlocks enjoy probably dosen't do it for a lot folks.
Aesthetics of course.

Once you get past that, you realize troll is the way to go. :) But you said PVP so choose UD of course. They have been superior ever since...well...ever.
I could be wrong but I think Orcs have only been mages since Cata so that excludes any non-race change old school mages. When BC came out Belf was very popular and for Arcane a very useful racial, then in Cata Goblin mages got double blink with rocket jump etc.

IIRC it was only Troll or Undead in Vanilla and Troll was reasonably underrepresented in many classes - the posture of males certainly didnt help and the nature of berserking in a pre haste world (there were some % buffs but not many in Vanilla) is not as desirable as the Undead racials. Plus Undead had a cool factor attached to them.

That said I played Troll mage in Vanilla and we weren't non-existant.

I really feel like there was another factor which I just cant remember that tied into the choice but its been quite awhile.

I wouldnt be surprised to see an increase in troll mages next patch with the beast bosses and the usefulness of Berserking.
The racials for orcs do work with the frost pet. But its only a small marginal dps. Something between 100-200 for the pet. So nothing significant on that part. BUT for the Blood Fury its more or less having a 3rd trinket.
Already seeing a lot more trolls with the 5% beast damage racial working on 5/13 bosses next tier.

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