Looking for friends :)

Earthen Ring
My name is Dalet and I'm pretty new to World of Warcraft!
I have a couple of friends off of a guild I'm in.. they are a lovely bunch and I will not leave that guild.
I'm just looking for friends. To add onto my friends list so we can hangout and chat, maybe RP, help each other out, etc.
I just want lots of friends who'll talk to me and stuff so i can stay on WoW and have fun ^-^
I'm actually a lvl 42 paladin now and still going.
Or at least share me your Battle ID so we can stay friends forever :P
Hello! I am kinda new too, but I thought I would welcome you anyways. I have several characters, though my main (for now, I switch back and forth) is this one. I love to rp and I am always up to making friends. My battletag is ManicMina#1586
Also I suggest checking out earthenring.net

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