I need some inspiring words to level this guy

As prot/ret.

I know ret seems like its in a bad spot atm, I kinda believe it, I have seen some good rets.

I recently gave up holy to go prot. I kinda like prot, but its a little less active than BrM monks to me so I find it a tad more boring. My aim is to have all of my 85's 90's by summer.

Any words of inspiration to hit 90? :3

Also, anybody know of any boots to match the rest of my xmog that have "knee plates" as well?

I've always had a hard time with it.
A reason to lvl your paladin...hmm...well...Ret is funner now at 90 than it was at 85 due to having more haste on gear (mostly straight haste gems), which makes the rotation a lot smoother, most of the time you'll be hitting abilities on every GCD.

To your other question, I couldn't find boots to match that set, MAYBE the holy boots in terrace normal could match, but probably not.
Do it bítchass.
What more motivation do you need other than to be the most shiny class in the game?
I was actually considering changing my xmog to heroic tier 11 with the hammer of naaru from gruuls.

I've been wanting that set for awhile now.

I actually think the shield off gruul and my current xmog sword would go great with that set tbh.

02/18/2013 08:34 PMPosted by Jínxs
What more motivation do you need other than to be the most shiny class in the game?

Inspiring words, eh?

"We are what we do every day; excellence is therefore not a single act but a habit."
"for frodo"
Don't do it!
The Ashbringer...
For the Alamo.....
because we're the embodiment of justice and holiness and shininess.
02/18/2013 08:24 PMPosted by Lobster
"You can't judge me! I am Justice itself!"

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