A/H - April Fools Company 2013! *CLOSED*

Wyrmrest Accord

That's right! All good things must come to an end and in following grand traditions of good things, our contest is officially over! Big thanks to all our entries and the support and GOOD LUCK!

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON APRIL FIRST! So keep your eyes on the prize guys!

~ Fools Party theme will be posted with game rules and the like three days before the event. Are you prepared?

Shady Deal Gone Wrong

Call yo' momma!
Call yo' friends!
Steal if you need to!

Trade yo' momma!
Trade yo' friends!
Beg if you have to!

Don't turn around.
No sudden moves.
Fools are watching you...

Who: Fools Company and you.

What: A writing contest (Alliance and Horde. Hey, we don't discriminate when it comes to business!) and Rogue's "Party" (Alliance: Unfortunately for business, Fools Company is on Alliance side).

Where: Right here on the forums ( Writing contest) and the museum in Ironforge (Rogues party).

When: Deadline for entries is March 24th midnight. Party on April Fools Day at 6pm server time.

Why: Because we love writing and role-play.


Write a super short story based on the thread title theme of 'Shady Deal Gone Wrong'. Simple, right? Fools will determine the most 'unfortunate' characters by subjective means. It's just business!

Contest Rules:

1 - No more than 25 lines of text for the story. Paragraph breaks do not count.
2 - You must use 5 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) in-game gray items spelled out exactly as they are in-game within your story (caps excepted). Please bold the items within the text.
3 - You must use your posting character's point of view (PoV).
4 - You must MAIL the gray items used in the story from the posting character to Seashen or Civardi(Alliance) or Toyomae or Freshmeat (Horde) by the deadline.

Unlucky Recipients (Winners) receive:

1st prize - 1,000 Gold + Rare pet
2nd prize - 500 Gold + Rare pet
3rd prize - 250 Gold + Pet

I'm sure one will be a Terrible Turnip, because they are terrible and seem to get into everything!

Consolation prizes will be of various pets, bags, tradeable goods, silly stuff, etc. There's just no telling what a rogue might have!

Winners will be announced on April 1st! So keep your eyes open!

Rogue's Party:

Come in your best disguise to hobnob with Fools and others pretending to be who they aren't! Prizes will be handed out for best 'costume', secretly, of course. The 'official' party will last one hour. If anyone wishes to make some 'deals' on the side... now might be a good time, eh? Lets see how creative you can get in your disguises.

Extra info for those with questions:

You may post on more than one character, but that character must follow the rules as well.

Gray items are, well, any gray item that can be mailed! These can be armor, weapons, objects, books, etc. Gray items used with a high gold value will be returned upon request (IN THE LETTER) after the contest. Otherwise, those items will be given away along with other goodies (like Mysterious Fortune Cards) during the party based on random rolls by Fools.

Writing contest winners do not have to be present to win. Prizes will be mailed out ICly from Seashen and Civardi or Toyomae and Freshmeat to the winning character so there are no mistakes. The winning characters will be announced in the thread.

Do your best! We aren't going to slam or penalize for minor grammatical issues. If we can read and understand it, it qualifies. Your entry can use any story telling writing device such as description, dialogue, humor, fright, etc. The choice is yours so long as it does not violate forum rules. We'll even accept poetry. Just remember there is a maximum line rule, so be careful if you use a romance novel with a long name like the robot one for example. :)

Good luck and have fun!

Special thanks to Adalbjorg for thinking of Fools on Fools day!

For those interested in the Rogues Party on April 1st, let me know, in game or on here so I can add you to the raid.
This sounds great! Passing word along to the guildies.
90 Worgen Priest
Mageroyal Society

This sounds great! Passing word along to the guildies.


I hope see some entries!
02/18/2013 08:13 PMPosted by Civardi
1 - No more than 25 lines of text for the story. Paragraph breaks do not count.
Does this mean 25 sentences?

Or do you mean something like:

Three Lines:
My name is Swobu.
What's yours?

One Line:
Hi. My name is Swobu. What's yours?
It does not mean 25 sentences.

Your examples of three lines and one line are correct. Doesn't matter what makes up those lines.
A "story" can be a scene or any part of a scene, a poem, a dream, the beginning, middle, or end. If you are able to write tight and put an entire story in 25 lines, more power to you! Flash (micro) fiction can be really clever and loads of fun to try.

The contest is not just for shady characters. If your character is all 'good', then they can witness part of something they really wish they hadn't. Lots of leeway to write a little something here.

The contest is meant to be challenging and fun for both the writers and the readers, so above all have fun and don't worry about perfection.
^ My post above is an example of 7 lines of text.

Good luck!
So we post the submissions here in the thread?
02/19/2013 12:44 PMPosted by Pheola
So we post the submissions here in the thread?

Yes, please. This way other people can enjoy reading them.

If someone is super shy about their writing, then we can set up an email to receive entries. Just let us know.
Shady Deal Gone Wrong

There he stood in the rain, his head was hung low. He looks so suspicious with his Tarnished Plate Pants and a bloodied Standard Claymore on his back. Either way, I'm determined to get this over and done with. We were in a shadier part of Silvermoon. Murder Row, they called it. Must've been because of all the murder reports. Why did I agree to do it here?

"Pheola?" he calls out quietly. I nod. He still had not told me his name, and I do not think he plans to.. after all, it's just a quick little thing, nothing huge. It'll be over with soon. "Do you have them?" he asks, a little bit of anxiety able to be detected. I pull out a large bag, carefully opening it to display the contents.

I have no idea why he wants these. I had to go through hell to get them. It's just an ol' Dragon's Tooth. I had to fight my way through a pack of whelps to get to the drake and yank its tooth out. Such fun.. I almost burned my face off. The second item.. just a Laser-Etched Leaf. I didn't have to go through much to get it, but it did take a few gambles with the Blingtron guy.

"Good, good.." he says, with a creepy grin on his face visible through his dark hood. What a weirdo, I thought. Soon it'll all be ov-..

"SURPRISE!" I jump as multiple people pop out from behind the purple curtains. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHEOLA!"

As I'm mobbed by multiple makeup-caked friends of mine, I reach my hand out of the crowd to find something to grab onto.

"It's.. not even my birthday!" I say with an annoyed tone as multiple people try to hand me a
Box of Stale Candy. The man pulls off his hood, revealing a mangled face that I recognize as my best friend, Luxar.

After a while, the crowd scatters, not wanting to be caught in such a dangerous part of town. I walk up to Luxar, and give him a quick slap on the face.

Our first entry! Woot! Thank you, Pheola.

Be sure to mail the gray items to Toyomae or Freshmeat to validate your entry. Also, state in the letter if you want any items returned.

Our first entry! Woot! Thank you, Pheola.

Be sure to mail the gray items to Toyomae or Freshmeat to validate your entry. Also, state in the letter if you want any items returned.


Gotcha. ^^
Haha, surprise, Pheola! And woot for our first entry!

I'll also be sure in the future to avoid giving her any surprise un-birthday parties. Either that or get good at ducking.
Shady Deal Gone Wrong

Swobu was excited. It had been some time since he had been on a quest.

A shady-looking Gnome had asked Swobu to help him with a shady deal, which involved collecting some "special herbs" and delivering them to a client in the Cleft of Shadow.

Swobu had listened carefully to the exact details of what the herbs looked liked and where they could be found. Unfortunately, after getting lost a few times finding the place, he had forgot what he was suppose to collect. He solved this by simply carrying off anything and everything that he could pick up or pull out of the ground.

Swobu's thoughts were interrupted as a Goblin and his gang stepped out from the shadows.

The Goblin gave him a quizzical look. "What's with the small tree?"

Swobu decided that the tree he had carried here wasn't what he was suppose to collect. "Uh... It nothing. Me got what you want in dis big bag." He held up his bag for emphasis.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," a voice interrupted. An Elf and his lackeys stepped into sight.

"Oh no! Dis shady deal gone all wrong," Swobu exclaimed.

The Elf smiled. "Hand over the goods and no one gets hurt."

The Goblin held up a hand to Elf. "Not so fast! These goods belong to me and my gang!"

Swobu decided he needed to defuse the situation quickly. "Wait! Swobu got idea! Me give Goblin some of da stuff and me give Elf stuff, so both happy and no one mad."

The Elf blinked as Swobu approached him, opened his bag, and pushed a Frayed Tender Vine and a Tattered Pelt into his hands.

Swobu then walked over to the Goblin and handed him a Smashed Petal and a Colorful Rock.

"Me keep dis, though," Sowbu added as he pocketed a Shiny Pebble. He promptly turned his back on the two groups and left, content that he had finished his quest.

Swobu did his best to ignore the sounds of fighting that erupted behind him...

He wasn't quite sure if he was going to be rewarded for this quest.

(( Items are: Frayed Tender Vine Tattered Pelt Smashed Petal Colorful Rock Shiny Pebble ))
Thank you, Swobu, for entering! This is so fun. Be sure to mail off your gray items to Toyomae or Freshmeat.

Keep 'em coming folks!
Lol, definitely a shady deal gone wrong on that one.

And Swobu came out a tree and a shiny pebble ahead :D

Note to self, write a list for Swobu and don't rely on verbal instructions when seeking specific items... and be prepared for trees.
((Bumping. I should have writing time over the weekend :D ))
Thank you, Vandrysse. :D I hope you can knock one out. I love reading these.
02/20/2013 11:51 AMPosted by Vandrysse
((Bumping. I should have writing time over the weekend :D ))


We are really enjoying the entries so far.

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