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*Bump* Looking forward to seeing the creativity WRA has to offer!
I was selling some junk last night and suddenly remembered I needed to save it for this story xD
haha Yes, the gray stuff takes on new meaning when you need it. :)
Some of the grey stuff can actually be entertaining, such as the chiming stress balls and some of the love novels.
Back up we go.
More entries! I like reading them.
I love reading them, too. I like to see how people integrate the gray, seemingly unrelated items, into their story.
02/24/2013 12:10 AMPosted by Pheola
More entries! I like reading them.

Same here! And the creativity is awesome.
Love the idea! I'm not much of a writer but I know I've got quite a few guildies who love a writing challenge!
02/24/2013 09:42 AMPosted by Adalbjorg
Love the idea! I'm not much of a writer but I know I've got quite a few guildies who love a writing challenge!

Woot! Hopefully we see some of them give this a try!
This sounds like fun and something that I'm going to try to participate in.
EDIT: I could really use some criticism. Please feel free to rip me a new one. :D

I'd been waiting in the alley for over an hour before she showed up. Two axes on her hips and a Rabbit's Foot necklace around her neck. She was trouble, that's for sure, but I needed those parts, and she was the woman who had them. She was tall for a human, making the gap between our height even greater. She slowly walked up to me. "What does the raven say?" She said. "Why have you taken my meal?" I responded. She threw a dark bag onto the ground, it's contents squishing and rattling.

I opened it and saw everything I could've wanted. Savage Bear Claw's to Crypt Fiend Parts and even a few Bone Fragments. "Where's my cut?" She said in a cold, emotionless tone. I should've known there would've been trouble, but the sight of mangled organs and limbs always made me a little too gitty. I reached into my pocket, "Two hundred gold and fifty silver. All of it's right here." I said, pulling out a small sack out from my pocket. She eyed me for a second. "I want more." for a moment I didn't quite know what I was hearing. "We agreed on the price a month ago." Her eyes began to narrow, her hands slowly getting closer to her weapons. "I almost got killed, twice! I want a bonus for pain and suffering." Her hands finally reached the two axes. "You knew the risks of going into the plague lands. I'm only going to tell you this once. I'm not giving you another cent!"

Before I could draw my sword to drive the point home, a dagger flew by my face, and took my mustache with it. It turns out that the axes were nothing more than a crimsonanis kippardicious. I know there's a similar Common expression, but I'll just go with distraction. The point is, I had just been flanked, and I was about to be dead, again. Well, I would've been, if not for the fact that I always carry a vile of T7-30b on me. I threw the toxin at the woman's center of mass, and quickly turned to greet my new opposition. His Fine Longsword was thrown from his hands with a death grip, and his heart ruptured with a heart strike. I thought I'd have one more opponent to face, but the reality was much worse. My bag of organs had been reduced to slime along with my foe. As much as it hurt I had to press on. Science rests for no gnome. Even a gnome that's had his mustache shaven and his animal parts melted into slime. But, I guess there was a bright side. I now had a human and a halves worth of Gelatinous Goo to experiment with!
Thank you, Ozbid, for entering! Be sure to send your gray items to Civardi or myself. :)
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This sounds like fun and something that I'm going to try to participate in.

We look forward to your participation!

Ozbid, you had me cackling! And in true gnomish fashion (Even De-mustached and dead ones) nothing goes to waste.
Shady Deal Gone Wrong

We were being held for “questioning” in the store proprietor’s backroom, a thug-turned-guard watching over us with the help of his unsheathed light scimitar.

“Zhen, why did you insult that man?”

“He insulted me with his crappy ‘ale’!” The pandaren woman made sure to use air quotes around the word “ale,” which the thug took as an offensive gesture.

“Shut up, both of you!” I had no problem complying. I have a personal policy of trying to avoid pissing off people with the capacity to decapitate me. Zhen just glared daggers at both of us.

Worst of all, we hadn’t been able to tamper with the guy’s stock, like that dwarf had paid us to do. Something about the proprietor insulting the dwarf’s family or … I don’t know. I never realized brewing was such a cut-throat business, but what can I say, I’m only a mage.

The guard scratched at his neck, peeling away a nice chunk of skin. It floated to the ground.

“You should see a doctor about that ...,” Zhen began.

There was no blood - there was nothing, just a big black empty spot. The guard began to panic.

I don’t know what kind of mage had been hired to provide security, but that person needed to go back for more schooling. I quickly unraveled the illusion, and the “man” just fell to pieces. Its skin was crafted from a lasher blossom, its framework comprised of a handful of enchanted bone fragments. Even the clothes weren’t real, save for the pair of hardened leather gloves that now rested atop an old broken weapon.

“Why didn’t you just do that in the first place?!” Zhen screamed. I tried to make her shut up while I opened a portal. Safe on the other side, I gave her a cheeky grin.

“Because I like it when you yell at me.”

Items used:
Light Scimitar Lasher Blossom Bone Fragments Hardened Leather Gloves Broken Weapon
(Mailing items to you as soon as I log on this evening!)
Great entries, both of you!
That last bit was filled with d'aw Vall :D
Another entry! Fantastic. Thank you, Vallaunius.

Everyone is being so unique and creative. It's going to be tough to judge.


We need more!
Just under a month now to get entries in. Plenty of time!
Bump for Gnomeregan!

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