Few questions about Xarantaur.

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And why do you care so much about it?

I don't,

I'm just pointing out the facts.

Your the one going on about how he's canon because he's ingame, despite how much it wrecks the lore.

You said several times that ypu despise the druid acting as the night efls presence. So would it really be in the best interest of the Night Elves to be forever sattled with druidism from the vdyr begining?

Yes, I despise that every time Night Elves are seen it's seen as druidism. That doesn't mean Druidism should be fully removed from the race. As for being saddled from the very beginning, I'm not sure why you would say that as they had a thriving civilization before Druidism .

Why do they need to be the first druids, what hell does that really give then. Same some very minor bragging rights.

Because that's what the lore says. They don't really "need" to be, though it IS getting a bit annoying to have themes stripped away or moments of "Ohh, yeah.. Someone else was first".

And why is character, that is mostly a harmless reference, who has little exsitsnve outside his one little sphere of quests. Where the subject fits perfeckly with him, should be retcon out of existanc because of his flavor text.

Let's see.. He's a Tauren druid who carries around a hammer that can see the flow of time uninterrupted by any infinite meddling, is immortal, has a staff that can let him understand any language and read minds, and was just randomly picked up and blessed by Nozdormu with said immortality because he...traveled a lot.

It doesn't really fit the timeline, so it can't really fit him. Again, at best he's canon, but his backstory isn't.

Harmless references are the reason the lore is such a mess right now. They tend to build up into not so harmless mountains.

He is nice character, and gave the Taunka ba.ack story.

All of which is still true, canon or not.
02/19/2013 10:10 PMPosted by Arkturas
And his own backstory doesn't matter one whit about the taunka's backstory. He could be a goblin, and it would change nothing.

He was a Tuaren investagsting his kin. He fit with the flow of the pace without breaking the scenery.
Which still leaves his backstory completely irrelevant.

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