The 19 Twink Community Needs Your Support.

One of the nicest guys in the bracket dead so young. R.I.P Sneaky, we all miss you.
RIP Sneaky

If anyone deserves to have an in game memorial its Sneaky. some of the best times ive had in this game were with him when the chips were stacked against us. He was never one to back down from a challange. and always found the fun in any sittuation. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him. Plz help us pay this last little respect to a great person
RIP Sneaky
so sad to hear about this :( my heart goes out to all his close friends and family

R.I.P Sneaky you will be missed <3
R.I.P. Sneaks

He deserves this Blizzard.
RIP Sneaky/Shinobi. I'll never forget the first time playing WSG with you on your monk in a random que. <3 Support!
I agree with this to show som sort of a memorial to him. Played a few gamez with him and it juzz seemed lik he waz the face to 19 twinkin.
RIP Sneaky
Fully Support this. R.I.P Brother. i wish i could thank you for all of the help trying to keep the bracket full of activity and great fun. even though you arrived to the scene late it seemed you had been here alot longer that most people would've thought. good luck friend we will see you in another life.
Alexandriya/Winn/#1 Crippy
R.I.P. sneaky - great kid.

- Zarict
Signed, RIP Sneaky.
Blizzard you need to do this. Sneaky had everything BiS for a 19 twink rouge. He put his heart and soul into that character, and to not do this would not be right. Sneaky was really well known in the bracket.
I've never played a 19 twink much, I joined in mid-Cata and stopped 19 twinking at the beginning of the end of Cata, though I've been twinking for many years in other brackets before then.

When I played a 19 ret Pally, I've met Sneaky. Sneaky wasn't just the everyday rogue. He was just... impossibly friendly, outgoing. He saw positives in anything. He put his heart into his friends, his character, his community while having a good life outside of the computer.

He kickstarted the heart to 19s, a slowly dying bracket. I've never seen him show hostility, and if he ever got angry, which was rare, he did it in a polite way.

The level 19 twinking community isn't just a push over. When you are leveling as a NON-TWINK, there is no giant community. You are just one or two people doing stuff and leaving. Maybe a guild, but a guild gets disconnected after 200ish members.

When you turn off experience and join a twinking community, regardless of bracket, this isn't only 19, the queue for battlegrounds become longer and there are less players (Though there are many queueing 24/7 in 19). That means that those passionate about twinking flock to, the website for twinks regardless of bracket. The 19 twink community as a close-knit family. People have everybody on Battle tag or real ID. We know each other as people, not just some player, regardless of faction. When I played 19, one of my best friends were on the opposite faction and didn't even have an alliance twink! It's more competitive because we know eachother, we want to look good. It's not like you're going to get ridiculed and never see the guy again. It's almost always people you've heard of, know, or seen before on both teams. You can't even say the same for end game!

The twinking community has been strongly bonded together, overcoming amazing stuff for our levels together. Twinking isn't about the best gear and enchants. Sure, it's an ingredient. A necessary ingredient, but it's about the fun you have to get there and the fun you have after it with the people you play with.

From trading card game lawn chairs to vanity pets, we help eachother.

Sneaky helped strengthen that feeling that was starting to fade away. I never knew him well, though I've talked and played with him occasionally. He helped save the 19 bracket. People see MMORPGs and think, "You don't know those people IRL, they're not true friends,". I don't even know most of my WoW friend's real names or who they even are IRL, yet I consider them some of my best friends, heck, I enjoy them more than some IRL friends. It's more than just strangers online, they're true friends, regardless if you don't know who they are. Most of my friends on skype and battletag are WoW friends, to be honest.

I fully support this. Sneaky was a saint in the 19 bracket. A good person in general and to lose him isn't just bad for the 19s, but to most of the twinking community as a whole.

RIP, Sneaky, first Sheep and now you. I hate cars.
May the departed's soul rest in peace.

I support this.

All twinks are family.
Rest in peace Sneaky.

RIP Sneaky.. The twink community loves you bro..
How did he die? Like, heart attack or something along the health related lines?

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