When do the 2013 models come out?

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Hey guys!

I've been working with a mid-2009 macbook pro up until now and am thinking about upgrading. I was wondering when Apple tends to release the newest models so I don't buy one a week before the next model comes out.

Right now I'm thinking about the 15" with Retina Display. Outside of WoW, if you guys have any recommendations or reviews regarding your experience with the more recent macbook pros you'd like to share, please feel free!

most estimates given previous experiences is for the new models to be seen mid year.. supposedly march. if youre upgrading from 2009 then anything will be good XD but you still have some time. i just got the 13 retina and all is well but there are a lot of framerate issues with people and the 15 inch!
haha ok, thanks a lot! anyone else having issues with the 15?
honestly i still plan to avoid retina's, i hope they keep supporting the better built non retina models with same graphics performance but less of it wasted on extra pixels that really don't matter that much on such a small screen.

I'm still waiting for this promised 2013 mac pro tim cook said was coming though. my 2008 probably still runs circles around most 2011 imacs and laptops, but i do want something i can run at ultra everything in 25 man raids and still have smooth as butter 60fps again. :)

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