Seal Twisting 5.2?

Do you guys think we will be weaving justice and truth with the justice buffs now in PvP or can we stay in justice now and not waste a GCD?
In a word, yes. Truth'll still do more overall DPS (and also procs its weapon damage on Judgment, something Justice won't do atm), however, during the times you'll need Justice to snare, it won't be as detrimental to your damage.
My guess is it will be situational. SoT will still be doing about 70% more damage than SoJ not to mention it is a good thing to keep a dot on a lot of the classes that can go stealth. Also you have to keep in mind you will be using a GCD to switch in and then back out of SoJ so really the only time it will be worth switching will be if you are fighting someone you just can not stay on for a decent length of time.

Certain classes like Mages might be a good candidate to twist on though.

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