[A] <Deity> 10 man raid lfm

Deity is an adult 10 man raiding guild (all raiders are 18+). We believe that fun is the most important part of the game, and that raiding should be enjoyable and not a job. As such, we strive for people who get along and share a sense of humor in a friendly guild.

Most of our raid team has been together since Firelands. Due to real life, we find ourselves needing a few new people. We hope that they will join us not just in raiding but playing the game.

We are looking for a ranged dps (hunters or warlocks) and a tank (paladin or monk), but are willing to consider anyone with a good sense of humor and who likes to raid (and is over 18).

Raid times are Tues and Thur 8-11pm server time.

If interested please contact me in game or at our web site, http://deity.guildomatic.com
Bumpitty. Deity is still looking for more members to add to our core raid group! Primarily interested in hunters, locks, mages, brewmaster monks, or prot pallies. Please be geared and know fights. Please contact me, Cherios, or visit our website.

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