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So I recently transfered servers because my friends moved to a different one. However my name is taken on my new server and all the ones I can think of are taken as well. I RP as not necessarily a Feral worgen but a Worgen more entuned with nature and prefers his worgen form. I've tried coming up with names like, Bloodpaw, Bloodpelt, Darkpaw, Gorefang, Darkpelt, Feralclaw, etc but I can't seem to come up with a cool name that is similar to those and not already taken. If anybody can help me come up with a name fitting of more of a wild worgen type player that would be extremely helpful.
You could try using MRP to change your name for IC, and pick up another name that isn't taken.
Try for words that play on the very nature of Worgen. Wild, mane, fang, tooth, runt, pride, claw. There's tons of single words that you can use to describe a more 'feral' Worgen, all you need to do is sit back and take a look at your character.

Perhaps do a little research on the symbology of wolves, too!
Another option is check on the armory if the person using the name is a low level in-active player, if so open a ticket and ask a GM to "free up" that name, they cannot always do it, but they have been able to do it for me on certain names, pretty much the reqs for them to be able to do it are: low level character on an account that has been inactive for a while

just say in the ticket what name+realm you want to free up :)
Finally, someone on my realm! I agree with Netilan. Try thinking of features that a real wolf has. Claws, fangs.. Have you tried something like Bloodfang or Wildclaw?
I'm not sure if it is still possible to do so... but it was once possible to create names with alternative letters that had accents and such. This would effectivly give you the name you are after... at least in overall appearance. It does make it a little more difficult for others to spell your name properly though.

I did hear that Blizzard was planing to remove the ability to do this (at least on NA realms where such acents are uncommon in the English language), but I'm not sure if they ever got around to doing so.
Try Elvis. You'll be noticed.
Just about everyone has a dangerous sounding name. When I start up a worgen, I'm going to name her Fluffy. Or Fifi. Or maybe Killerpoodles.

Something that might make someone smile is always good with me.
02/24/2013 02:23 AMPosted by Catarra
Something that might make someone smile is always good with me.

I named my worgen huntard Gofetch and named her pet dog TheBone.

I claim these two: Furburger and Fuzzytumpkin.

( nicknames for the family dog)
Brawler Fifi McFluffington
Male worgen.

Make fun of his name and get two black eyes.
Also think of Lycanthropy in other aspects, the wolf, the change, and even the moon. Silver fang, Night bite, Howlington. Just some thoughts for you.

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