Question about End of Season Rewards Timing

According to the end of season 12 PvP 2week notice:

It says,
"...we will determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards, a process that should take approximately one week."

Then it says,
"The awarding of Season 12 titles and mounts will occur approximately 2 weeks after the season ends."

If I transfer servers after 1 week (on March 12th), will I still get the season rewards on my new server a week later (on March 19th)? Or do I have to wait 2 weeks on my current server before transferring to get the reward?

The wording is confusing, because it says players who think they will get rewards should refrain from transferring until Season 12 ends, but in the very first sentence it says Season 12 ends on March 5th.

Can I get some clarification?
tbh with you it doesnt matter if you get a response or not, Transfer when you get your achiev/ title period
Anyone know for sure based on a past season?

The reason I ask is b/c I'd like to transfer and start raiding with a guild as soon as possible after the season ends.
Don't transfer between the end of the season and the day you log in to get achievements.

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