Help! Spending Honor before LVL-90 & 5.2

Hi everyone. I'm an ex Arena and old Vanilla Rank 11 player just coming back to the game. I'm leveling up quick but capping out on Honor well before 90. I've read up on all the changes coming and understand having 4k Honor post-patch will help, but I need to dump some off now if possible. Is there anything I can buy pre 90 that will help at all or do I just need to let the extra points go? In case some of you 90s have forgotten, I can't buy any of the lvl 90 gear until I level cap. :(

Thanks in advance!
Convert all your honor to justice points! That way next season you will have 4k honor + 4k jp to convert back to honor.
Thanks for the advice! I'll lose a few points overall but will come out ahead! Hope The Crew is doing well. Always amusing reading posts from your guildies on AJ. :)
Don't get 4k JP if you're only looking to translate it back to Honor — stop at 3750.

It takes 375 JP to translate back to 250 Honor, so 3750 will give you 2500 and so will 4000.
Agreed Dezarana. That will give me plenty of room to level up without totally wasting the honor. I appreciate the replies.
Good luck!
Thank you! It's nice to be back. I think it's healthy to take a nice long break every now and then. Problem is the game evolves while you're gone and a lot of rust has to be shaken off.

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