Glad i'm not you, but sorry

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I had to enter an instance for some quests, i kept getting my butt kicked so i got one from my guild to help me and once we were done. He took off like a bat out of hell and i ran after him, cause: one, the monster AI goes for the first person and leaves anyone following alone, and two i really didn't want to fight the monster either.

Upon reaching the entrance though i saw a person coming in, and what they had to have saw was something out a movie, you know where one gung ho guy runs over a hill then runs back screaming cause 50 hoard were chasing him. Mind you it wasn't nearly that much but it was at least 20, and in tight quarters too. It wasn't till after i got out i realized that and doubled over laughing.

I am sorry i brought all that on you, person. However i am glad that wasn't me.
This is not some random off-topic chat forum. This is the roleplay forum so unless this has anything to do with rp, which it doesn't, I suggest you to find a different forum.
Welcome to World's End Tavern. You seem to be in the wrong forums.

General Forums is here:
This makes no sense at all. For one thing, You have to have a group to complete quests in an instance. Two, if a person is not grouped wth you the instance will not be the same but an entirely different instance.

I smell a troll...

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