What spec are you playing 5.2?

I wanted to run a topic and see what spec every mage will be running in 5.2. I'm going to stick with Frost for a while, but I'm kind of prepared to be disappointed and so have offspec to Fire. I hope I can get some gear upgrades before then, I seem to get a lot of cold streaks on Fire even with 32% spell crit =(
If I actually stick with my mage I'm going to be playing Fire. My current plan is to reroll.
Frost or arcane haven't decided
Frost. I have pvp and pve spec frost, gonna make another mage for fire. Arcane is boring so ill skip that. My two cents.
Fire/Arcane... Was Arcane/Ice.. But i don't even use Ice any more and Ice just isn't as fun IMO.

But i wont know until Live seeing that they keep messing with arcane and the patch its 2-3 weeks away.
Whichever square peg I can shove into the triangle shaped hole to do the most damage averaged out amongst fights.
02/14/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Mumrit
Whichever square peg I can shove into the triangle shaped hole to do the most damage averaged out amongst fights.

frost or fire havent tested out frost in the ptr dunno if its gonna be raid viable with the buff or not
It appears that the frostbolt buff has made that spec viable for raiding,.....but with all of the multi-add fights, I would think Fire still wins due to it's better cleaving damage.

I want to give frost a go since it has been so long since it was truly viable for raiding, but Mumrit's comment rings true.
Fire if I can push my crit high enough. I don't really like the idea of Invo weaving as arcane.
I would love to go back to Fire.
Does anyone have any numbers/parses that can suggest that frost will be viable again? I love playing frost and fire, but arcane doesn't seem to flow well; making it clunky and awkward.

Also, fairly new to the Mage forums, is there a web site dedicated to mage discussion (similar to How2priest.com for Shadow Priest/ Priest in General)?
I get bored with them all eventually and fix them in an act of drunken decision-making.
Will try out some arcane shatter combos, realize they're still impossible to get off on competent players then probably go back to fire
Having a hell of a time getting pulling myself into a haste/mastery Arcane build.
FYI in 5.2 Frost's damage isn't getting a buff on single rotation. According to our Mage forum MVP, Frost is getting a single target neutral dps change, meaning the damage you put out will be about the same but the rotation will change as Freeze will no longer be used on bosses.

The fact that Freeze will not affect bosses means you lose the FoF from it, but will gain the damage from Frostbolt and the increased proc chance of FoF to compensate.

On multiple target fights Frost will probably take a hit, DPS-wise as losing 2 FoF per Freeze will probably not be compensated enough with the changes presented. The Invocation rework is also probably going to hurt Frost a little. Also no more Scorch to fish for FoF procs.

So really there's no buff to speak of to justfiy that Frost will be viable for competitive raid. Keep in mind that Frost scales poorly when up against Fire & Arcane, and normal gear has gone up to 522 next patch. So basically the better geared you are as Frost, the more better off you are changing spec to Fire/Arcane.
Last PTR Build:
Frostbolt damage and SP scaling increased by 23%.

So ya, sure, Frost scales poorly with gear (but that's mainly an issue with crit), still this buff is a pretty big deal.

I'll be playing the top spec. I'm pretty sure it's going to be Fire, at least after getting some gear. I would love to play Frost, but after 6 years of "don't worry, we'll make Frost viable in PvE eventually" I have surely given up. I know it's viable, but it's just still a little too behind the other two specs at the moment to really be ok playing it. Still hoping though!

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