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Okay, I have trouble getting my AoE to be decent. My main question for demonology locks is do you use hellfire? I've tried this in the past and generally end up dead, or close to it. If I have the fury, I'll pop into meta and channel immolation while using harvest life and that does okay, but its not like I can do it all the time. Otherwise, I'm left tab dotting and spamming harvest life, which seems rather lackluster.

What do other demo locks out there do? Should I just spam hellfire and pray my healer is good?
Out of meta I use Hand of Gul'dan and Harvest Life to gain Fury.
In meta I use Immolation Aura and Harvest Life again until Fury goes down.
Rinse and repeat...
I'm sure there are other things I could be doing as well, such as Aura of Elements and Corruption on some of them as well.. But I usually stick to the above >.>
Oh yeah, can't forget about Doom if the adds will be alive long enough for a tick to get off.
Okay, so, sounds like what I am doing, so maybe I'm doing it right, but just not seeing great numbers in AoE as demo. I really like demo, just can't seem to come close to the dps I am seeing from other specs, mostly affliction.
Harvest life uses too much fury in demon form. It's not really worth the talent. Have corruption and doom burning on all the mobs. Spam hellfire in caster form. Spam immo aura and void ray in demon form. Don't use chaos wave, don't use soul fire in demon form. Don't forget felstorm. Obviously don't forget proper use of hand of guldan.
Immolation aura while harvesting life.
It also depends on the estimated lifespan of the aoe pack. Are you farming a 5 man heroic or are you in a challenge mode? Pack of daily quest mobs or windlord mel'jarak?

Short term hellfire is fine, immo aura is better if you have the DF.

Med term immo aura + corr on things with void ray to renew corr (or you can HL here)

Long term (windlord only) doom + corr on all targets, immo aura excess DF, void ray to keep corr up.

Harvest life is a slightly superior DF builder to hellfire but its not a make/break talent. There are only a few niche situations where you can use it in demon form on top of immo aura and not flush your DF. Usually its better to keep immo aura up longer and do something else since the DF:dmg ratio of meta'd HL isn't so hot.
Put your DoTs up on everything. This means both Corruption and Doom. Maintain Corruption with Void Ray.

Here's a log of my most recent Wind Lord kill as demonology:
Make sure you use Wrathstorm (Pet's special attack) whenever you can.
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Don't use chaos wave

what's wrong with Chaos wave? Is it because it spends fury instead of generating it?
The wave got nerfed to oblivion w/o compenation.
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Don't use chaos wave

what's wrong with Chaos wave? Is it because it spends fury instead of generating it?

That, and, if you use HoG in the way that will allow you to gain the Metamorphosis damage bonus for it, HoG will actually do more damage.
Instead of chaos wave, metadance your hands. By this I mean, use hand of guldan, then jump straight into meta. What this does, due to the flight time on hand of guldan, it applies the damage bonus of your mastery to the hand and to the dots. As an example, a regular hand of guldan hits for lets say 30 k, with dots that tick for lets say 10 k. If you do the dance, you will get a 40 k impact with 15 k dots, simply by jumping into meta. If you actively do this, you can actually add a significant amount of damage to your single target and aoe rotations.

Try not to rely on harvest life, especially with the nerfs coming to its damage in 5.2. (its nice for generating demonic fury, but, having corruption and doom on all targets gets you a lot more) Void Ray to maximise the aoe uptime of your corruption, and carrion swarm actually hits ridiculously hard and is a dps increase on 4+targets (not to mention a great aoe interrupt, just make sure to glyph it)

Actively dancing also increases your shadowflame uptime, mine right now is usually around 30% vs 25% I used to have before I started to dance. Not to mention it being one of my top 3 damage spells half the time.

Doing the dance slightly changes the build up mad fury and unload it rotation into a more gain a little, lose a little fury rotation. Because of this playstyle change, you may choose not to do it for single target, but for aoe its a very significant change in damage.

My highest aoe burst so far on windlord is 670k dps with then a 225k sustained aoe, and 195k at the end of the fight. All thanks to the little meta dance trick. If you want to, try it on a target dummy, hit it with one hand of guldan, see the damage, then hit it with 1 chaos wave, and see the damage, then finally hit it with a hand and pop into meta, you will see that the overall dmg of the dance is almost double that of the other two especially if you get some nice crits.

Hope this helps :D
That sounds very interesting Baalzebub cant wait to try it out. So far I have just been HoG, Corr on all targets HoG again and run in with Hellfire. Never seem to have enough time to Dot Corr and Doom on all targets though.

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