490 Frost Mage looking to transfer

490 Frost Mage or 489 Ret paladin looking for new home on Blackrock. I have cleared msv on normal 4/6 hof and elite protectors. My server is very low horde pop and our guild had a very hard time with attendance so progression is at a hault. I am looking for a new friendly guild that has 16/16 normal completed or at least close....not hardcore but relaxed progression while having fun. I don't mind putting the time in on new bosses and always have a great attitude. I have lots of raiding experience in past expansions with many bosses on heroic as well. The most important factor for me is making a new home with friendly people, I can take criticism but don't want to be yelled at as I am an adult lol. I can make raid nights at 6pst or after any night of the week and will have 99.9% attendance.
Hi there, if you'd up for considering a transfer to dragonblight I can offer core dps spots right away. We raid tues/thurs/sund from 8-12 server. We just converted from 10 to 25 and are still a bit lean on numbers (pulling in friends n family members) so you wouldnt be taking or competing for someones spot. We are a very low drama guild with little tolerance for it.

if you are interested and have further questions send me a whisper to iamhelly#1873
Come on over I got a spot for u. contact me in game for more info
Can you raid from 9pm-12am server Tues-Thurs? If so, I may have what you're looking for. The group is not 16/16 currently but most of us have an overly extensive amount of previous raiding experience and are just coming back from a ~3month break. Nola#1580 if you're interested.
^ please add id Dizz#1898 still looking...Mariya I don't know the special characters in your name to contact.
If you're still looking, get in touch with me in game and check out our guild site
Hey there Mal!
We might have a spot for either of those characters!
(I say might, because we do require you to apply on our site before hand.)

For more information I welcome you to take a peek at our post here on the forums and visit our guild site for more information/to apply!:) We raid T/Th/M 6-10PM Server (8-12PM CST/9PM-1AM EST).

In-game contacts can be found on our Blackrock/Guild Recruitment forum posts.

Forum post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7979939212#1
Guild Site: RaidHysteria.guildlaunch.com

Hope to hear from you soon!
See you in-game!


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