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I was wondering if anyone else who uses linux with wow is also using addons. If so, could you suggest some sites to me. I'm using Fedora 17 with wine. I've been unable to find anything through the normal google searches, and would appreciate any feedback.
I do believe the game engine should be able to load any addons without issue.

What problem are you experiencing exactly?
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Addons shouldn't be OS specific. I routinely run WoW under Linux and have yet to run into any issues with addons. Virtually every addon you can get from Curse should work.
None of the ADDONS are OS specific, as previous said.

In fact, if any addon WAS OS specific:

It would be a naughty one you should not be using. The add ons are ran by WOW itself. They should not contain any kind of executable that is ran apart from it, which would be OS specific in some way.

If you can run Wow, you can run any addon for it that is legit to use.
You need to make sure addons are in the addons folder.. Anywhere else, wow will not use. Wine is a temporary windows environment. So the basics still apply the same when running a windows app in linux. If the file needs to be in C:\programs in windows.. Then it needs to be the same in wine.
I am having the same problem, I use wow matrix on Linux mint 15, It shows me the Addon's are installed, but when i Log on to the game, I have no addon box at log in or do I have one in interface. In my wow folder I can see the addons, but I don't have them in game? Any Suggestions?
I would like also to say, I have deleted all my addons, with Wow Matrix and added them again, and still no such luck.

Did you manually download the addon, and extract it to wine-wow folder-interface-addons? Addon will not work as a zip. It needs to be extracted in the addons folder.

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